Fashionable Samurai

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Kanji ファッショナブル侍
Romaji Fasshonaburu samurai
Volume 9
Anime 31
Shinzō Takemitsu, Yūsuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, Kazuyoshi Usui, Megumi Daigorō,


Shinzō Takemitsu states that he wants to quit being a samurai. This due to his pen pal, Megumi Daigorou, who is exceptionally pretty. It seems he had love at first sight and even kept a photo of her face as his phone's wallpaper. At that, Himeko contacted Momoka Kibitsu, who asked a favor from a stylist to lend the Sket Dan and Shinzō a room at the TV Studio. With only two hours, the Sket Dan got to work and made Shinzō choose any type of clothing he wants. His first choice of clothes were terrible, even to the point of being compared to 'The Lethal Crusher Guy' by the Sket Dan. His second choice of clothes were rejected due to his long quiff. His third choice of clothes, with the influence of Switch, was a parody of 'Vegeta' from Dragon Ball (which was definitely rejected). His fourth choice of clothes, with the influence of Bossun, was a GT Robo from the series "Toriko" (which was also rejected), including the head-scratching gesture of Sous Chef Starjun. Then, Bossun suggested they cut his hair and shave his beard, which was agreed by everyone. That, however, made him look like Niizuma Eiji from Bakuman.

In the end, they referred to a fashion magazine to dress Shinzō. Ironically, Shinzō found that Megumi is actually a man. With the Sket Dan immediately abandoning him, Shinzō was forced to spend the date with Megumi.

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