Falling Blossoms of Confusion

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Kanji 錯乱の花散るらん
Romaji Sakuran no hana chiruran
Volume 24
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Tetsuji Chūma, Remi Misora, Reiko Yūki, Captain, Moe Yabasawa


The Sket Dan, along with Chūma, Remi, Captain, and Reiko are on a Sakura Viewing party. But Remi mistakes her tea for one of Chūma's drugs. Chūma realizes after everyone has already drank it. The drug is an improved version of the "Personality Swap" drug that Bossun and Himeko previously used. The effect is that the person's personality will be completely opposite to their original. For example - Himeko becomes docile, Switch (who was the king of bokke) now becomes the tsukkomi-man and Captain refuses to eat. Meanwhile, what happens to the others? How about Bossun's seemingly average personality?

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