Exciting Exercise

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Kanji エキサイト・エクササイズ
Romaji Ekisaito ekusasaizu
Volume Volume 11
Anime Episode 31
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, André MacDonald, Captain Biney, Joanna MacDonald, Otakura


When Himeko thinks she has gained weight, Switch offers to help her by loaning her an exercising DVD called Biney's Muteamp. Switch got it from Otakura for free. As the Sket Dan watches the DVD, they see a tall African man, André, asking Joanna out before the actual exercise lesson starts. Himeko yells at DVD to redo the beginning scene. André introduces the instructor, Captain Biney, who is a small scrawny man. When Captain Biney begins his lesson, Himeko could not understand what is he saying. The director arrives on scene and chats with André and Captain Biney. André takes Captain Biney's role as the instructor. While André instructs everyone to relax, André starts complaining out loud. Finally, André starts the lesson with some stretches. He instructs them to stretch out their chins nice and high. While they stretch, he asks his students to repeat a phrase that makes them sound like a typical tsundere character.

The next position involves the students crossing their arms behind their backs and bending forward. As André paints the scenario of two childhood friends, he makes a typical tsundere response (as the female childhood friend). Then, Switch joins Himeko. After a rigorous and obscure series of exercises, Himeko tells Bossun that she is going to do her own exercise routine. After the weekend, Himeko finds Bossun transform into an André-esque character.

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