Even Onihime Has Tears in Her Eyes

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Kanji 鬼姫の目にも涙
Romaji Onihime no me ni mo namida
Air Date May 12, 2011
Manga Chapters 10, 11 & 12
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

Even Onihime Has Tears in Her Eyes (鬼姫の目にも涙, Onihime no me ni mo namida) is the 6th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


When Tsubaki threatens to shut down the Sket Dan, Yabasawa comes in with a request. Taking this opportunity, Bossun shows Tsubaki that their club does help other students by taking Yabasawa's request to entertain kindergarteners. Momoka and the Sket Dan's friends come and help out, but when someone ruins the Sket Dan's play, Momoka feels it is her fault.

Can the Sket Dan and Momoka prove to Tsubaki that the club has the right to stay in Kaimei High School?!


Tsubaki barges into Sket Dan's clubroom and informs them that they will be disbanded. He explains that the Student Council has decided to get rid of any silly and pointless clubs that have been created recently, especially those that do nothing but goof around. He then says that he's also had complaints about delinquents visiting their school as he points towards Momoka and her gang adding that she's famous for rampaging through town under the name "Onihime". Bossun tries to convince him that people need help to change and to this, Tsubaki gives his club a chance from dissolution by proving its worth, when really he meant "no". Just then Yabasawa shows up right on time and Bossun drags her into the room, stating that Sket-Dan is there to fulfill any request as Tsubaki follows him. Later, Tsubaki explains to the President of the Student Council, Agata, that he challenged the Skan-dan to a drama performance at a preschool and that if the children liked them better, he would recognize their accomplishments. He asks Agata to grant him permission on accepting this challenge, to which he gladly agrees, adding that it would be good entertainment.

Meanwhile, the Sket-dan group together with Momoka, her gang and several others to rehearse for a Snow White play. Bossun assigns everyone their roles, with Momoka being the narrator, Reiko being the witch, and Roman being Snow White. At the Student Council's office, Tsubaki is told that they have decided to do a play on Peter Pan. Determined to win this battle, he's been granted a larger budget for a new lighting and aerial wiring system which is to be handled and set up by Kitaouji, the head of the theater's club.

Back to Sket-dan, everyone does their best to rehearse, albeit with their own added touches, to Bossun's annoyance. Nevertheless, they manage to put on a good first time practice performance in their costumes, with Switch switching the roles of the prince with Bossun, to the latter's disappointment. Little do they know, Kitaouji observes them from the doorway, jealous and threatened by their growing talent as entertainers. After practice, Momoka walks home with her gang, when she overhears a conversation between two students who express their uneasiness towards her due to her fame as a fearsome delinquent to which she looks down in sadness.

The next day, the Sket-dan enter their practice room only to be shocked by the ruined props and costumes scattered everywhere. Kitaouji reveals to Tsubaki that he was the one who did it, receiving a punch to the face as a result. Tsubaki tells him that this is not the way he wants to win their challenge, clearly upset with Kitaouji's sabotage. Meanwhile, as everyone tries to figure out who could have done such a heinous thing, Momoka proposes she leave the school if that would mean the Sket Dan would be spared from disbanding. She continues, admitting that she's had lots of fun coming to their clubroom seeing as how she was never able to make any friends due to her violent and deviant behavior as a delinquent. Hence, she concludes, she's been growing so close to them that she doesn't want to cause trouble. But Bossun tells her that it has nothing to do with her. Whether or not she leaves, they may still be disbanded. Still not given up, Bossun puts on his goggles to boost his concentration skills in hopes that he'll come up with a way to continue the play. However, he's unable to come to a solution, telling everyone that they'll have to give up on the play, to their dismay.

Outside the preschool, Sket Dan breaks the bad news to the rest of the crew. As they drag away Reiko, whose become angered at whoever ruined their play, the Student Council shows up, with Agata apologizing for Kitaouji's doing. With Tsubaki and co. performing first, Agata explains that Tsubaki decided to take responsibility for Kitaouji's actions (and injuries) by playing the lead role as Peter Pan. When Unyu asked whether they would win if the competition was still on, Bossun informs her that they haven't bailed on their challenge. To Tsubaki's surprise, Sket Dan revealed their puppet show called "Momo Onihime Cried" which is a story about a Peach Demon Princess.

Momoka began narrating the story, explaining that a peach haired demon lived in the mountains and tried to make friends in the village but the villagers were too scared to approach her. Then, something inside the little demon snapped and began to hit the villagers. After asking the children what would they do, to which some said tell the teacher or ask their mom, she said that the demon didn't have either of those. The villagers went to consult with Aho Onihime (voiced by Hime) who agreed to talk with Momo Onihime. After doing so, the two began to fight. As Momoka narrated, she began to recall her rough encounter with Hime who reached out to her as a friend and began to believe in her ability to change for the better. She promised to always be with her as a friend, which finally opens her heart. As they tearfully perform this puppet show based on Momoka's dark past, Momoka concludes that Momo Onihime went home and cried all day to wash away all the bad things she's done and became happy after experiencing her friends' kindness. Once the show was over, the children began to cry and ask for more and Agata began to explain to Tsubaki that they used themselves as a theme, which allowed them to connect with the children. When the teacher asked them which play was better, Tsubaki interrupts and says that there is no need to ask.

Later that day, Bossun does an impression of Tsubaki, who, at the school said that they deserved to win, and states that Tsubaki always tries to act like a big shot but Hime says that it doesn't matter since the President decided not to disband them and overlook Momoka and her gangs' past. Plus, she adds, he's pretty handsome to which Bossun objects and says that he's better looking when Hime stretches his mouth asking how he'd learn to talk like that. While doing this, Bossun asks Momoka whose more handsome, him or Agata to which she asks if its his name he wants her to say to which he says of course.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Momoka's gang did not assist the Sket Dan's group with the seven dwarves puppets.
  • In the anime, Tsubaki only brings up Momoka's past and uses it against her. While in the manga, Tsubaki brings up Himeko and Switch's pasts as well.
  • In the anime, Sōjirō is present with Mimori and Tsubaki in the hallway that had a damaged wall. Sōjirō wasn't present in the manga version.