Embarrassed Girl
Japanese Title ハズカシガール
Hazukashi gaaru
Volume 9
Release Date August 4, 2009
ISBN 978-4-08-874715-6
Pages 192
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Next Happy Birthday
Cover Characters
Switch, Bossun, Himeko
Characters Debuted
Megumi Daigorō, Jin Kakiuchi

Embarrassed Girl (ハズカシガール, Hazukashi gaaru) is volume 9 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 72

Fashionable Samurai (ファッショナブル侍, Fasshonaburu samurai)

Chapter 73

Do Your Best, Oneesan! (おねえさんがんばる!, Oneesan ganbaru!)

Chapter 74

Stakeout Blues (ステイクアウト・ブルース, Suteikuauto burūsu)

Chapter 75

Food Fighter Captain (フードファイター・キャプテン, Fūdo faitaa kyaputen)

Chapter 76

Kigurumi Break, Part 1 (きぐるみぶれいく前編, Kigurumi bureiku zenpen)

Chapter 77

Kigurumi Break, Part 2 (きぐるみぶれいく後編, Kigurumi bureiku kōhen)

Chapter 78

Sudden Temptation (やにわにテンプテーション, Yaniwani tenputeeshon)

Chapter 79

Embarrassed Girl, Part 1 (ハズカシガール前編, Hazukashi gaaru zenpen)

Chapter 80

Embarrassed Girl, Part 2 (ハズカシガール後編, Hazukashi gaaru kōhen)

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