Embarrassed Girl

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Kanji ハズカシガール
Romaji Hazukashi gaaru
Air Date March 2, 2012
Manga Chapters 79 & 80
Opening Message
Ending Party! Hallelujah!

Embarrassed Girl (ハズカシガール, Hazukashi gaaru) is the 43rd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


When Himeko saves Jin from some thugs, Jin believes Himeko is his dream girl that the fortune teller has predicted. To Himeko's dismay, she has to prove to Jin that Bossun is her boyfriend in order to get Jin away. She has to take Bossun out to a date. Will Himeko succeed?


After some thug punches Jin in the face, Jin explains that a fortune teller had predicted that his soul mate will have blond hair and hold something blue in her hand as he refers to the young blonde lady texting on her blue cell phone. Then, Himeko arrives and thrashes the punks to help Jin out. Upon seeing Himeko's blond hair and blue hockey stick, he immediately proposes to her. Himeko declines Jin's offer. Later in school, Jin persists and compliments on Himeko's beauty until Himeko states that she has a boyfriend. She strikes Jin to shut him up, and she explains that she is dating Bossun. Jin asks Himeko to prove it. Outside, Himeko requests Switch's help. Switch suggests to Himeko that she should explain the truth. Though, Himeko refuses since she thinks Bossun cannot act realistically. Then, Switch suggests that Himeko should take Bossun out to a movie and shopping while he and Jin will follow her from behind. While Himeko refuses when it looks like a date, Switch argues that this is just two friends going out.

In the Sket Dan room, Himeko struggles to ask Bossun. She thinks what to say but ends up mumbling. This causes Bossun to freak out when he thinks Himeko is placing a curse on him. Throughout their conversation, Bossun points that something is off with Himeko. To fix the situation, Himeko changes the subject and asks Bossun about his favorite movie genre. Himeko fusses in her confusion over Bossun's words. Then, she asks Bossun to stay something gross. When Bossun mentions earthworm noodles, Himeko quickly smacks him. Himeko forces herself to ask Bossun out to a movie. Bossun decides to ask Switch to join them. However, Switch texts Bossun that he is busy. Bossun remarks that it's strange that Switch had typed this long message. The night before the date, Himeko attempts to sleep. However, her thoughts are preoccupied with Bossun. She tells herself that she is just shopping and going to the movie with Bossun.

During Himeko's date, she notices a lot of couples nearby. When Bossun arrives, Himeko freaks out at how she and Bossun are wearing matching shirts. As the two head towards their destination, Switch and Jin are following them. Jin points out that Himeko is not enjoying herself. This prompts Switch to type into his computer that sends a message to the Whisper-In-Your-Ear Earphone in Himeko's ear. Switch tells Himeko that she is bit stiff. After the movie, Himeko and Bossun head over to the diner. Jin remarks that Himeko and Bossun act like friends and that couples feed each other. Then, Switch transmit a message to Himeko and suggests that Himeko should feed Bossun. This startles Himeko. She struggles to feed Bossun a cabbage roll, but she ends up hurting him after forcing it into Bossun's mouth. Jin remarks that Himeko and Bossun act more like a comedic duo.

In the mall, Bossun and Himeko bump into Ayumi and Yagi. Himeko explains in a quick manner why Bossun is with her. Bossun compliments on Ayumi and Yagi's outfits. Taking Yagi's advice, Bossun has Himeko check out the store that Yagi buys her clothes from. Meanwhile, Jin and Switch observe the couple. Bossun asks a saleswoman about a skirt, and he has Himeko try it on. On the streets, Bossun and Himeko chat a bit. Lurking from behind, Jin is not impressed and states that Bossun and Himeko should hold hands if they are a couple. After Switch transmits a message to Himeko, Himeko hands her hand slowly. Bossun notices Himeko and grabs her hand. After Himeko asks him to hold her hand the other way, she throws Bossun at Jin and Switch out of frustration. Moments later, Bossun assures Jin that there is nothing special between them. When Jin states that Himeko is beautiful, he playfully insults Himeko as an old Osaka lady. Himeko pummels Bossun.

Next day, Bossun invites Himeko to an amusement park. Though, Himeko pulls Bossun's ear until Bossun explains that he has three tickets for Himeko, Switch, and himself.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Only in the manga, the thugs ask for Jin's money.
  • Himeko's scenes in her bedroom only appear in the anime.
  • In the manga, the movie scene is played out. Compared to the anime, the movie is mentioned in the eyecatch scene.
  • Yagi and Ayumi only appear in the anime version.
  • Jin asking Himeko out to the amusement park is another manga exclusive scene.
  • The train scene with Bossun, Switch, and Himeko eating pocky is an anime exclusive scene.
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