Japanese Title ドロップ
Volume 12
Release Date February 4, 2010
ISBN 978-4-08-874795-8
Pages 200
Previous Happy to Meet You
Next You've Got Mail!
Cover Characters
Switch, Bossun, Himeko
Characters Debuted
Himiko Minakami, Osamu Tanioka, Akina, Misato, Chōtarō Dekata, Kenji Murao, Ringo Mitsui

Drop (ドロップ, Doroppu) is volume 12 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 100


A fight between a mother crab and a monkey, resulting in the former's defeat, leads a little crab to seek vengeance on her mother's behalf. However, knowing she would be unable to defeat the monkey on her own, she tries to recruit allies to help her. Those who turn up are a gluttonous chestnut, an oversized bee, a mortar and a highly intelligent poop.

Chapter 101

Look Over Here for a Moment (しばらく観させてもらいます, Shibaraku misasete moraimasu)

Chapter 102

Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking (榛葉道流のエレガント・クッキング, Shinba Michiru no ereganto kukkingu)

Chapter 103

Defeat The Fortune Teller, Part 1 (占い師をやっつけろ 前編, Uranaishi o yattsukero zenpen)

Chapter 104

Defeat The Fortune Teller, Part 2 (占い師をやっつけろ 後編, Uranaishi o yattsukero kōhen)

Chapter 105

Drop (ドロップ, Doroppu)

Chapter 106

Deka-Dance in a Circle (マルツイ・デカダンス, Marutsui dekadansu)

Chapter 107

The Man Known as the Origami God (おり神と呼ばれた男, Origami to yobareta otoko)

Chapter 108

Whispered Instructions (ひそひそインストラクソン, Hisahisa insutorakuson)