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Kanji ドロップ
Romaji Doroppu
Volume Volume 12
Anime Episode 44
Chiaki, Bossun, Switch, Himeko, Akina, Misato


Chiaki asks Sket Dan to find a candy drop box that has a photo of her and Akina on it as the two of them have had a falling out where Akina threw the box outside and Chiaki doesn't understand why.

To her surprise, Chiaki learns the truth why Akina broke her friendship with Chiaki - her innocent act of offering a candy drop to Misato made Akina think that Chiaki had feelings for him as well and didn't appreciate the symbolism of sharing the drops. To make matters even more complicated Akina is changing schools.

With Sket Dan's help, Chiaki and Akina reconcile before Akina moves away.