Don't Watch It

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Kanji 見るんじゃない
Romaji Mirun jyanai
Volume Volume 2
Anime Episode 10
Switch, Bossun, Himeko, Kaoru Yagi, Ayumi Kuramoto, Yoshimura, Kanegi


The Sket Dan, Yagi, and Ayumi meet in the media room. Yagi tells Ayumi the truth, and Bossun reveals that he called the real culprit over. The door opens to reveal Yoshimura. Bossun proposes that Yoshimura was intending to sell the DVD to other students, but accidentally left it in the media room, where Yagi found it. He then had to use Yagi's weakness in the note to make sure that she would not show the DVD to anyone else. Yoshimura denies the accusations, but Bossun tells him the proof should be on the DVD. He reasons that the culprit would not care whose hands the DVD fell into unless there was something that identified the culprit. Bossun plays the DVD and, as he predicted, Yoshimura's face is shown in a mirror near the end.

Yoshimura confesses to the crime, but tells the group that the administration would never believe them. However, it turns out that Switch had been recording and broadcasting their entire conversation to the school over the PA system. Kanegi comes in and takes Yoshimura away.

The midterm tests are postponed, and Yagi smiles as she thanks the Sket Dan for their help.

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