Doctor Tsubaki
Doctor tsubaki.jpg
Tsubaki ishi
Birthday March 13
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 178 cm.
Weight 78 kg.
Hair Brown
Occupation Doctor
Relatives Wife
Sasuke Tsubaki (adopted son)
Manga Debut Chapter 83
Anime Debut Episode 40
Seiyū Hiroshi Yanaka

Doctor Tsubaki (椿医師) is Sasuke Tsubaki's foster father and the man who delivered Haru's twins. He was also the one who caused the car accident which ultimately took Haru's life. He works at the Tsubaki Clinic and adopted Tsubaki primarily at Haru's behest, as she didn't want Akane to take on a responsibility she couldn't handle - namely, raising two babies. On the twins' seventeenth birthday, he tells Tsubaki the entire story and seeks out Bossun to do the same. He is the one who informs each of them that they have a twin.

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