Defeat The Fortune Teller

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Kanji 占い師をやっつけろ 前編
Romaji Uranaishi o yattsukero
Air Date April, 19 2012
Manga Chapters 103 & 104
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

Defeat The Fortune Teller (占い師をやっつけろ 前編, Uranaishi o yattsukeroi) is the 54th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


When Himeko and Saaya brings up the horoscope and fortune telling, the Sket Dan crew head over to Reiko's place to get their fortune read. Then, Switch and Bossun help Reiko take down a fake Psychic who scams others.

Can Switch and the Sket Dan crew prove Himiko Minakami wrong in front of her followers?


Bossun, Himeko, and Switch are doing their daily activities in their clubroom while Saaya feeds Hōsuke. Himeko asks Bossun's date of birth. Wondering why, Bossun asks Himeko what's she doing which she replies that she's reading Bossun's fortune using Himiko Minakami fortune-telling style by her phone, and tells Bossun that he might die tomorrow. Bossun replies that he doesn't believe such a thing and Himeko tells him not to worry about it since it's probably just a joke.

Overhearing their conversation, Switch comments about how he hates fortune-telling. He then explains about Himiko and wonders why Himeko suddenly interested in Minakami's style divination. Himeko tells the two that Reiko told her about it. She also tells them that Reiko is now doing a fortune-telling based on Himiko's style at her club and rumor said her fortune-telling is quite accurate. She then goes outside with Saaya to visit her place to get her fortune read and tells the two to just stay since they dislike fortune-telling.

Despite being told by Himeko to stay here, Bossun and Switch follows them to the Occult Club. On their way to Occult Club, they pass Shinzō who is in a good mood. Shinzō asks Himeko about Saaya, and when he asks for Saaya's horoscope and browse their compatibility via mobile phone, he finds out that Saaya and the Sket Dan are gone. When they arrive, they're greeted by Reiko. Reiko tells Himeko to sit down. However, Switch takes Himeko's place and asks Reiko to read his fortune. After hearing Reiko's fortune-telling, Switch comments that it's 'completely useless' which upsets Reiko. Reiko warns about his health issues and tells Switch to buy a charm to avoid it. Reiko tells them that the charm itself has been prayed by Himiko herself. Bossun thinks that the situation is getting serious. Saaya tells Reiko that she is being tricked but Reiko asks Saaya to give her proof. When Saaya can't give an answer, Bossun steps ahead and says that this is Sket Dan's job and asks Reiko to arrange meeting between Sket Dan and Himiko.

Later at Himiko's office, Sket Dan and Reiko are greeted warmly by Himiko. Without much ado, Switch conveys his opinions about her fortune-telling and makes Himiko irritated by his speech. She then challenges Bossun and the others to prove who's wrong by telling Bossun's fortune at her seminar three days from now. Bossun accepts the challenge. At their way back home, Bossun states that they can only rely on Switch's knowledge. Switch assures them that he has a plan. Himeko asks Switch why he's going so far for Reiko, and Switch replies that it's no fun to argue with someone who's not herself.

Three days later, the three and Reiko attends Himiko's seminar. After she read Osamu Tonioka's fortune accurately, she tells the audience that she has special guests who doubt her and she also tells them that she used to have skeptics. Then, she invites the group to come to the stage. Switch then begins explaining about Himiko's fortune-telling trick. Himiko just laughs because Switch's research still can't proof anything and then calls Bossun ahead so she can read his past life, just as she had promised.

She begins to read his aura. After some times passed, Himiko declares that she has read Bossun's past and begins talking. She comments about how tragic Bossun's past life is and says that if he had asked her before, he might have found his twin brother earlier. After finishing her talk, she asks Bossun how was her fortune-telling. Bossun yells angrily that she's completely wrong and calls her a fool. Himiko gets surprised since she has read his aura right. Bossun then takes off his hat and reveals that he is Tsubaki, the twin brother she was talking about. Bossun then comes from behind the curtain which makes Himiko panic, because her trick is exposed. Panicked, she yells at the group to bring out evidence. The Kaimei Student Council members show up and reveal some photos of Himiko's employees scrounging for Bossun's background. Exposed as a fraud, Himiko gets overwhelmed by her furious Himiko's followers.

After all the fuss, Reiko thanks them all because they have opened her eyes. Switch gives her an advice which only starts another argument between them. When Tsubaki comments on how weird their relationship is, Bossun tells him that they are just like them.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • Saaya, Kumi Itō, Shinzō, and the Student Council (excluding Sasuke) only appeared in anime.
    • Saaya just hangs out with the Sket Dan.
    • Shinzō tries to find out if he and Saaya are compatible.
    • The Student Council reveals photographic evidence, exposing Himiko.
    • Kumi only appeared in the eyecatches.