Defeat The Fortune Teller, Part 2

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Kanji 占い師をやっつけろ 後編
Romaji Uranaishi o yattsukero kōhen
Volume Volume 12
Anime Episode 54
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Himiko Minakami, Tsubaki, Reiko Yūki


The Sket Dan are here to prove that Himiko Minakami's fortune telling is fake. After hearing Switch's first counter, Minakami claims that if it was true, it wouldn't be enough to gain that much support. After hearing Switch's second counter, Minakami said it was still not enough because her divination can predict so accurately that it is impossible to acquire it through such cheap tricks. She shows her divination to Switch and proceeds to read Bossun's past by looking at his aura. She reveals everything in detail and waits for Bossun to admit his defeat. However, Bossun tells her she is wrong. In truth, he was actually Tsubaki dressed up as Bossun. The real Bossun appears from behind and asks her why she was able to read his past after "reading" his younger brother's aura. Switch then proudly states that he has figured out how Minakami was able to read her clients so accurately, that is by researching her clients prior to the show.