Daijirō Kutsuwa
Kutsuwa being evil.png
轡 大二郎
Kutsuwa Daijirō
Gender Male
School Kaimei High School
Occupation Teacher
Manga Debut Chapter 157
The Ninja, the Demon, and the Red Horns
Anime Debut Episode 75

Daijirō Kutsuwa was a former teacher in Kiri Kato's middle school.


Daijirō Kutsuwa was the one who orchestrated the bullying on Kihara and then, Kiri in middle school.[1]


Kutsuwa's a middle aged man with a black, closed shaved hair style and a goatee styled beard.


He's a cruel man who wishes to get rid of any delinquents regardless whether they've changed or not. Despite being humiliated by Kiri, he refuses to back down and vows to bring down Kiri, Himeko, and the others, revealing himself as a remorseless man.

Major Story Arcs


Daijirō Kutsuwa arrives to Kaimei High School as a substitute teacher for Kiri's class. Shortly after class, he tries to peep under Himeko's skirt, remarking that Himeko's skirt was too short. He then threatens her to dye her hair black by threatening to reveal her Onihime past to everyone in school. However, Kiri witnesses the threat and later abducts Daijirō and forces Daijirō to apologize for what he had done to Kihara while broadcasting the incident live for all the school to witness. After Bossun and Tsubaki arrived to talk some sense to Kiri, Kiri let Daijirō go. Despite this, Daijirō demands Kiri to apologize, or he will have Kiri expelled. When Daijirō trash talks Himeko and the others, Bossun smacks him down.

Afterwards, it is mentioned by Bossun and the others that Daijirō Kutsuwa had resigned from the school. [2]


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