Confounded Angels

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Kanji 過ちのエンジェル
Romaji Ayamachi no enjeru
Volume 5
Anime 15
Bossun, Switch, Himeko, Kunio Yamanobe, Ayumi Kuramoto, Dante


The Sket Dan help Yamanobe clean out a shed, where Switch picks up a "Lazy Musaborō" figure. Ayumi finds them there and introduces them to a guy from her class who needs their help. She explains that he's bad at communicating because he has adopted a visual-kei style of speaking, meaning he says complex things in a few simple words. After much roundabout, they learn that his name is Dante and that he has dropped something. In order to try to get Dante to open up, the Sket Dan start asking more basic questions... only to be met with more confounding words.

The group finally figure out that what Dante dropped was the Lazy Musaborō figure and rejoice. Meanwhile, Yamanobe picks up a Dream of Lie concert ticket, which turns out to be what Dante was actually searching for.

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