Confounded Angel the 13th

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Kanji 13日の過ちのエンジェル
Romaji 13 nichi no ayamachi no enjeru
Air Date July 14, 2011
Manga Chapters 36 & 48
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

Confounded Angel the 13th (13日の過ちのエンジェル, 13 nichi no ayamachi no enjeru) is the 15th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The Sket Dan find themselves with two consecutive requests from people who are sorely lacking in communication skills. The first is from the school shop teacher J-son, who looks like something out of a horror film and wants help with an upcoming marriage interview. As his special talents involve chopping wood with a chainsaw and making horror movie sound effects, the Sket Dan soon discover they don't have much to work with. The second request is from visual kei-fan Dante, who has a tendency to express himself through one-word answers and is looking for something he lost. Unfortunately, before the Sket Dan can figure out just what he lost, they have to figure out what he's saying.


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