Code A Chian's Counterattack

Code A: Chian's Counterattack is a popular Mecha Anime franchise described as a 'surprisingly' orthodox Mecha series with a deep plot focusing on Chian's real life as well as Mecha battles.

Known Characters

  • Chian - Main Character and Mecha Pilot
  • CATHERINE - a prototype 'EBYN Mass Produced Combat Gear' (only ever had one line)
  • Purple and Artemis - Chian's Sisters
  • EBYN Corporation
  • The Allied Forces
  • The Anstar Corporation
  • Siegfried


Ep 67 eyecatch part B
  • Various Models of the Mecha
    • A Known Rare Model is the 'Shiny Thunder' Model
  • Data Handbooks and Artbooks on the series have been published


  • Speculations: The show can be a parody of many anime shows that specializes in mecha such as Code Geass: Lelouch's Rebellion, Aquarion Evol, and Gundam.