Christmas Card, Part 2

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Teruaki Morino, Fumi Segawa, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Saaya Agata, Chiaki Takahashi, Roman Saotome, Momoka Kibitsu, Shinzō Takemitsu, Date


To help Fumi's friend Morino, the Sket Dan concoct a plan utilizing the abundance of Christmas lights received during the party preparations. Together with of a group of their friends, they create a massive tree made of lights which emulates the image on the card Morino had once given Fumi. When she sends him a phone text to look outside his window, he is so stunned that he races outside. There, Fumi tells him how much she has treasured the card he gave her and how much she loves his art and wants to see more of it. However, Morino says that he has already changed, and that there isn't anything he can do anymore. Though Fumi continues to try and reach him, in the end she states that whether he stands on his own two feet will be entirely up to him. She departs, wishing him a merry Christmas, and only after she has left is he able to return the greeting, in tears.

At the Sket Dan's clubroom, the Christmas party is finally underway. They reach the gift exchange portion of the celebration, but notice that everyone's boxes look exactly the same. The group realize that all of them bought the same gift - a Christmas tree-shaped cupcake. Outside the clubroom, a more clean-cut looking Morino gathers his courage before raising his hand to knock on the door.

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