Chiaki Takahashi
高橋 千秋
Takahashi Chiaki
Nickname Captain (キャプテン)
Birthday September 23
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 160 cm.
Weight 48 kg.
Hair Dark Brown
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-B (chapters 1-209)
3-C (chapters 210-present)
Likes Passionate people, sports in general
Dislikes Boiled eggs (煮玉子)
Affiliation Softball Team (captain)
Relatives Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Brother
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Anime Debut Episode 3
Seiyū Airi Sakuno (Drama CD)
Satomi Satō (anime)

Chiaki Takahashi (高橋 千秋, Takahashi Chiaki), often called Captain (キャプテン) is the captain of Kaimei High School's softball team.


Chiaki is a white fair-skinned girl of average height with neatly combed shoulder-length dark-brown hair that is tied in pigtails with bangs hanging on the left side, dark violet eyes and she is quite light even though she eats a lot.

She is mostly seen in her Kaimei school uniform. After she wins the Genesis World Grand Prix, she has always wore her golden lion emblem on her uniform's collar.[1]


Chiaki is well known for being a responsible girl as she is proven with the fact that she is class representative and also captain of the school's softball club. She is also kind and caring but can be a bit clumsy at times. Something else that is notable about her is her love for eating, which she has taken up to the extreme now that she "can eat faster than the speed of sound". Not only that but she also has this certain charisma that affects a lot of people around her, making them become much more passionate in what they are currently doing.


Chiaki lost her mother at a young age. Thus, she grew up with much more responsibility than others, even to the point of wanting to take care of her younger brother while she's busy with school.

Sometime after coming to Kaimei High School, she joined the softball team and became its captain. Generally, it was Chiaki that made Hime Onizuka accept friends again. She had done this by persuading Himeko, everyday, into being her friend. Gradually, with Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun), Chiaki became friends with Himeko and made her smile again.

Major Story Points

The Pelorin Doll supposedly looks similar to her.

Finding Pelorin

While running off to somewhere in a rush, Chiaki accidentally tripped over Mitsuru Jōgasaki who was lying on the ground resting at the back gate of Kaimei High School. However, after that encounter, she notices that her winning pelocan ticket was missing. Thus, she asks the Sket Dan for help in locating her lost pelocan ticket, which surprises Hime Onizuka due to her obsessive nature of those pelocan candy lollipops. Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun) appears skeptical, suggesting that the pelocan ticket was just a scrap of wastepaper and not even the Sket Dan could find something like that. After questioning Chiaki about the pelocan ticket, they found out that the lost pelocan ticket was for her brother, whom forced himself to eat the pelocan candy everyday despite the fact that he would throw up but he kept at it because he really wanted to win. The reason for why he wanted to win was because the prize would be a pelorin doll, which looked a bit like their deceased mother. Eventually, he learned to love the taste. Chiaki also tried her best to eat one everyday and she finally found the winning ticket until she lost it. After hearing all this, the Sket Dan (now crying) swear they would find the lost pelocan winning ticket. While they started looking for the pelocan ticket at the back gate of the school, they met Jōgasaki. At first, the Sket Dan does not seem to remember him at all until he reminds them about the Hageitou Incident. With that, the Sket Dan asks Jōgasaki to either help them or leave. As Jōgasaki was about to reply, Chiaki came and that made Jōgasaki stay to help. As they were looking, Jōgasaki asks more about the pelocan winning ticket, to which Switch replies that the pelocan ticket can be used to win a Pelorin doll which could sell for 100,000 yen a piece in internet auctions. After hearing that, Jōgasaki became all nervous because he has a winning pelocan ticket himself. While he is lost in thought, he states loudly that the day is hot and proceeds to wipe his face with a handkerchief. However, the handkerchief turns out to be the exact pelorin winning ticket. With the Sket Dan enraged and Jōgasaki afraid, he threatens to burn the pelocan ticket if anybody made any movement. Firstly, he wants Himeko to kneel down for him. After thinking up of a plan, Bossun tells Himeko to trust him and kneel down. While Jōgasaki was laughing to himself, Bossun used his slingshot to shoot a pelollipop at Jōgasaki's open mouth. This caused him to throw up and fall on his knees. Immediately, Himeko rushed towards Jōgasaki and beat him up. Back at the clubroom, Chiaki tells the Sket Dan that she had not lost the winning pelocan ticket but actually had it in her bag the whole time. They realized that Jōgasaki must have coincidentally picked up another winning ticket. In the end, the winning pelocan ticket went to Himeko.

Eating Contest

When the Sket Dan discovers her ability of eating so quickly, they invite her in a ramen eating contest challenged by the store owner. She was at the point of finishing the bowl, but upon discovering a boiled egg she hesitates to finish the bowl.The Sket Dan tries to encourage her and she agrees for knowing she could overcome her fear of boiled eggs but asks them to buy her taiyaki when she finishes. She ate the boiled egg but puked after eating it.

Lucky Drop Candy

Chiaki and Akina.png

Chiaki comes to the Sket Dan Clubroom asking them for help in looking for a "drop candy can". The reason for wanting to find this item was because it reminded her of the bond shared with her best friend. Her best friend Akina was the first friend she had ever made after she became a sophomore. It all started after she offered her a candy drop from her drop candy can. They even had a tradition of eating one drop after lunch. However, they had an argument after a guy named Misato came to ask for one candy drop, to which Chiaki gladly gave. Akina got mad at this, stating that she bought this candy drop for the both of them to share. Now, the number of drops they had eaten are odd numbered. Chiaki replies back that it was nothing to get mad about, leading Akina to throw her drop candy can away from a window. After that incident, a month had pass without neither of them apologizing to each other. Eventually, she found out from Misato that Akina was going to change schools. Before that, Akina confessed to Misato because she wanted to make her feelings clear. Misato also told Chiaki to reconcile with Akina due to him noticing that they have not spoken to each other lately. So now, she wants to find the drop candy can before meeting Akina.

After listening, the Sket Dan figures out that the school janitor, Yoshimura, might know something. They were correct when Yoshimura told them that a cleaning service comes once a month to clean the area, and that day was today. Arriving at the area where the cleaning service had thrown the garbage they found, Himeko and Switch hesitates to look into all that garbage. However, Bossun states that they must because the Sket Dan is Chiaki's friends too. At the meeting, Chiaki started to apologize but before that, Akina offers her a drop candy which she had bought earlier on. While both of them had taken a drop candy, they notice that both the drop candy's colour matches, that is with the colour white. Wondering what that colour means, Akina checked the drop candy can and immediately cried. While apologizing to each other, Chiaki showed her the drop candy can that she had threw out a month ago. With both of them reconciled, they notice beautiful balloons floating behind them and the Sket Dan waving at them as a means of goodbye. At that, they hugged each other and parted ways. Back at the clubroom, the Sket Dan wonders what the colour white means while they were eating drop candies from a drop candy can. After checking, Himeko states that she prefers pelocan candy, to which Bossun replies her to go to a hospital and check her taste buds. In the end, it is shown that white coloured drop candy signifies a friend for life.

Genesis World Grand Prix

When the Sket Dan need an extra member for the Genesis World Grand Prix competition, Chiaki agrees to help. Though she has difficulty catching on to the nuances of the game at first, she improves quickly and reveals herself to be an excellent player. She takes command of the Japanese team, leading them to victory and herself winning the competition's MVP award.

Special Abilities

Capt. Eating in action
  • Capt. Eating (キャプ食い, Kyapu kui): Chiaki seems to have a bottomless stomach that allows her to eat large quantities of food. Her skill's name comes from her ability to eat food so quickly that the process can't be seen by the naked eye and instead gives the appearance of vacuum suction. She is unable to eat eggs, however, and still vomits when eating Pelollipop Candy.
  • Neo Capt. Eating (ネオ キャプ食い, Neo kyapu kui): An upgraded version of "Capt. Eating." Switch claims that Chiaki inhales her food faster than the speed of sound, thus creating a small-scale sonic boom. Unlike the first version of this technique, where she would suck in food after putting it to her mouth, the food disappears directly from her plate.


Hime Onizuka: They are good friends even though both of them have different personalities and different clubs. It was Chiaki who first approached Himeko and asked her to join the softball club, though she refused. However, she is satisfied as long as Himeko is happy, that is with her joining the Sket Dan.


  • To Himeko: "Your little cool act isn't going to fly with me. As your class representative, I refuse to allow you to isolate yourself like this!" [2]


  • The name Chiaki means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "autumn" (秋) (aki).
  • Chiaki's surname Takahashi means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi).


  • Chiaki is won the MVP award for 10th Genesis World Grand Prix.
  • Chiaki was voted Miss Pretty and Miss Sportwoman in class B.[3]


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