Cheeky Rookie, Part 3

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Kanji Cheeky Rookie 後編
Romaji Cheeky Rookie kōhen
Volume 24
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Takuto Yagi, Kinue Azuma, Hidesato Sakasu, Tsubaki Sasuke, Ayako Ichikawa, Noriko Ichikawa, Yasuharu, Tsubaki Sasuke, Hosuke


Piecing together the clues and the conversations from outside of the Sket Dan room, Bossun explains that Noriko and Yasuharu had used Moo to exchange letters since Moo travels between their homes. Yasuharu explains to Noriko that he could not contact her because Moo was giving birth.

With the incident resolved, Bossun informs Tact that he and his group have won. On the next day, Tact tells Bossun and the Sket Dan that he lost. While Bossun has thought of helping the client, Tact and his group are only obsessed over winning. Tact and his group states that they have made a club with Sasuke's approval, Pocket Dan.

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