Charismatic Student Highly Recommends High-level Club Speed-Dating Participation, Congratulations

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Kanji カリスマ生徒イチ押しの部活がハイレベル合コン参加おめでとう
Romaji Karisuma seito ichi oshi no bukatsu ga haireberu gōkon sanka omedetō
Volume 11
Anime Episode 51
Sasuke Tsubaki, Sojiro Agata, Michiru Shinba, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Mimori Unyuu, Daisy, Principal


Agata asks Tsubaki to go to the Sket Dan for help. Unbeknownst to Tsubaki, Agata and Shinba had planned for Tsubaki to get along with Bossun. In the Sket Dan clubroom, Bossun and Hime are making funny faces by using cellotape. Tsubaki arrives to request for Bossun's help to create a banner while Hime & Switch and Agata & his gang are watching them struggle to work together nearby. Somehow, Bossun makes a mistake in writing a character that means Kami instead of the word, "congratulations." Since they only have one cloth, Bossun and Tsubaki attempt to fix the characters and end up writing this message: God! Tanabe-kun sings the praises of the Chorus Club! National High School Choir Competition Participants! Congratulations! - Tanabe-kun."

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