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The Sket Dance CCG (Character Card Game) is a trading card game based off the Sket Dance anime. The cards feature various characters from the series, allowing players to create their own Sket Dan for use in the game. By placing character cards on the game mat and performing actions, players earn SP (Sket Points), and the first to reach 30 points wins. Of course, opponents can utilize "tsukkomi" cards to block or otherwise hinder each other's actions.

Card Types

Character Cards

These form the foundation of the game, and each center on a certain character from the series. Below is an explanation of the aspects of a character card.

Chara card info.jpg
  1. Usage cost: The cost required to use the card.
  2. Friend Character: When this card is placed next to that of the character listed as a "friend character", the cost to use this card is decreased by 1.
  3. Card Name
  4. Characteristics: Things like the character's name and club affiliation are written here.
  5. Effect: The card's special ability. Included here are the conditions under which the ability can be used/will activate.
  6. Friend Power: A special ability which activates when the card is placed on the mat's "friend zone".
  7. CP: The amount of power a card possesses. It is used during a player's action phase.
  8. DSP: The amount of Sket Points a player can gain by successfully playing the card without being blocked by an opponent's tsukkomi.

Link Cards

Event Cards

Card List