Burning Falcon!

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Kanji 燃えろファルケン!
Romaji Moero faruken!
Volume 18
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Kunio Yamanobe


Yamanobe enters the Sket Dan Clubroom with another of his 'famous' games - Falcon - a card game consisting of wearing beards, using German phrases and odd hand gestures to pick out cards matching (badly written) poems as clues. As usually the trio start out doubtful (and suspect it of being another Master Wong creation) but eventually get hooked and play during all their free time.

Using his concentration mode Bossun memorises the poem clues allowing him to correctly guess almost all the cards, and focuses on calling them faster. This causes him to eventually perform the 'Ultimate Falcon gesture' Brennend Kryzal accidently - a quick hand thrust so fast that it causes the card to burst into flames. While Yamanobe is estatic to have seen such a move in his lifetime, the Sket Dan are horrified that the flames are spreading to the rest of the cards and the furniture...

They look on from outside as the club room burns with a message hinting at trouble to come...


  • The Chapter had colour pages to celebrate the anime's start, throughout the chapter, Himeko and Switch break the '4th wall' questioning why they're wasting such a special chapter on another bad game...
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