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Kanji 兄・弟
Romaji Ani, otōto
Air Date September 15, 2011
Manga Chapters 41 & 42
Opening Michi
Ending Clover

Brothers (兄・弟, Ani, otōto) is the 24th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


It starts off with Bossun and the gang helping Shinzo and Shinpei reconnect with each other. These two brothers remind Switch of his tragic past. In his origin story, Switch has a younger brother named Masafumi who is nicknamed Switch and a childhood friend named Sawa Yamuchi.


On the rooftop, one student complains about not having a ticket to go to the concert. Meanwhile, Takashi receives tickets from Yoshie whose friend ditched her. Takashi offers to go out with her to the concert. With Takashi taking Yoshi to the concert, the Sket Dan's request is successively finished due to Switch's Natural Encounter operation, and Bossun wanted to do the strategy where Takashi rescues Yoshie. Then nearby, Shinzo tries to stop Shinpei who states that he can do whatever he wants, and Shinpei drives off. Over at Shinzo's home, Shinzo points over the room used for kendo practice. He explains that his brother is a first year student at Kaimei high school and a hard worker during kendo. Then, Shinpei puts down his kendo when his father is too hard on him. Switch looks up any rumors on Shinpei and finds nothing bad, and Shinzo states that Shinpei attacks some delinquents who were banging at the door a week ago. Shinpei tells Shinzo that he threw away the kendo, and Shinzo is infuriated at Shinpei. Though, Shinzo did not hit his brother back, and Switch remarks that Shinzo should have smack his brother. Bossun binds Switch and goes off. Lurking around the corner in afros, Bossun and the guys spy on Shinpei. Out of nowhere, Yoshie asks Himiko to accompany her in karaoke. While Takashi asks Bossun about the rock festival, some delinquents spot Shinpei.

By the river, the delinquents kick down Shinpei's scooter and prepare to attack Shinpei until Bossun uses his slingshot to fire at one of them. Himiko grabs her hockey stick and jumps into the fray. Shinpei joins her and bashes the punks. After the delinquents retreat, Shinpei explains that the punks threw Shinzo's kendo into the river. Upon hearing Shinpei's story, Switch and then the rest of the Sket Dan search for the kendo despite Shinpei's protests. At the kendo tournament, Shinpei finds out that Shinzo has lost, and Shinpei bows down in apology. Shinzo states that he lost the match because of his own ability. Shinzo engages Shinpei in a little kendo spar.

In the past, Kazuyoshi asks Masafumi to help him with a computer, and when Masafumi asks his older brother about Kaimei, Kazuyoshi replies it's not bad. Later after class, Kazuyoshi picks a book about programming for his little brother, and on the way home, he bumps into Saya and her friend, Yukino. When Kazuyoshi asks Sawa why she was startled when he called her name, Sawa asks Kazuyoshi if she can speak him at his house. Moments later, Sawa explains that a stalker is following her, and Yukino is the first one to notice the man.  Kazuyoshi thinks to himself that Sawa has attracted many guys and that he wasn't happy about it. When Sawa asks about the photo of the fireworks, Kazuyoshi recalls how young Sawa who playfully tell him that she will be his wife. Kazuyoshi's mother takes the photo, and the young children marvel at the fireworks. In the present, Sawa asks Kazuyoshi to go see the fireworks again. Masafumi enters the room, and Sawa asks Masafumi about the speech synthesis software. Masafumi demonstrates how the program works, and both Sawa and Kazuyoshi are at awed at the program using both Masafumi and Kazuyoshi's voices. As Kazuyoshi recalls him teaching his younger brother computer, Sawa remarks that Masafumi left Kazuyoshi in the dust and playfully states that she might marry Masafumi instead.

During dinner time, Kazuyoshi looks back at Sawa and his younger brother. While Kazuyoshi tells Sawa to be careful, Sawa reassures him that the stalker is going to give up. Next morning, Sawa receives a frightening message from her mailbox.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • The scene where Bossun and the gang help Yoshi with her date is only in the anime.
  • Another anime only scene is the fight by the river with Himeko and Shinpei against the thugs.
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