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Kanji 兄・弟
Romaji Ani, otōto
Volume Volume 5
Anime Episode 24
Shinzō Takemitsu, Shinpei Takemitsu, Bossun, Switch, Himeko, Masafumi Usui


On their way home, the Sket Dan run into Shinzō having an argument with his younger brother Shinpei, a first year. Shinzō explains that his brother got into a fight with a gang and destroyed Shinzō's prized shinai, which he needs for a competition the next day. Shinzō regrets the harsh words he said to his brother, but Switch tells him that he should make his emotions clear or it will be too late. On the way back, Bossun notes that it's rare for Switch to come out with such advice.

The group sees Shinpei searching in a river. It turns out that when he picked up the shinai to fight, he paused to put it down, but the gang took it and threw it into the river. The Sket Dan join him in the river to search for the shinai.

The four show up at Shinzō's match, only to find that he already lost. Shinpei feels guilty, but Shinzō tells him to get up, and the brothers have a bonding fight. Bossun notes that the brothers' conflict must have reminded Switch of his own past.

The chapter then flashes back to Switch at fourteen, speaking normally about his brother.

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