Board Director
Cyclops Chairman
Nickname Cyclops
Age 60's
Gender Male
Eyes Unknown (red visor)
Hair Grey (Black when young)
Likes Discipline
Occupation Chairman of Kaimei School Directors
Affiliation Disciplinary Committee
School Board
Otasuke-Gumi (past)
Relatives Umeko (Wife)
Ryusei Ichimaru (Son)
Yuuki Ichimaru (Grandson)
Manga Debut Chapter 160

The Board Director is an enigmatic figure who randomly appears to punish or reward students in the school. He is married to fellow Otasuke-Gumi member, Umeko.


Mostly portrayed as an older man wearing a robe-like teacher's gown with a neck-crest. His most distinct feature is his visor that he claims to have worn since birth (his father strapped in on him) for which he is nicknamed 'Cyclops'. It is however implied that he may be blind without it (although whether this is the reason he has the visor or is as a consequence of the visor isn't stated)


As a member of authority in Kaimei School he is a strict disciplinarian and firm on the rules, however he is willing to forgive those who make mistakes if he thinks they are sincerely sorry. When he was a student he ran a club similar to the Sket Dan called 'Otasuke-Gumi', this causes him to often use them as a means of reminiscence of his old days and he likes to treat them (such as refurbishing their clubroom)