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Takashichea Takashichea 26 days ago

SKET DANCE 10th Anniversary

アニメ「SKET DANCE」10周年!スケット団3人が揃った記念ビジュアル、BD-BOX発売

2021年9月24日 18:00

篠原健太原作によるTVアニメ「SKET DANCE」が放送から10周年を迎えたことを記念し、10周年記念ビジュアルとロゴが公開に。またBlu-ray BOXの発売が発表された。

10周年記念ビジュアルには、吉野裕行演じるボッスン、白石涼子演じるヒメコ、杉田智和演じるスイッチのスケット団3人を描写。12月24日に発売される「SKET DANCE Memorial Complete Blu-ray」にはTVアニメ全77話に加え、単行本29巻に同梱された「EX話」が収録される。ジャケットはキャラクターデザインの中武学の描き下ろし。さらに10月より各種映像サービスの配信も決定。詳細は近日公開予定だ。

「SKET DANCE」は、人助けを目的とした高校の部活動・スケット団の日常を描いたコメディ。週刊少年ジャンプ(集英社)で2007年から2013年にかけて連載され、TVアニメは2011年から2012年まで放送された。

Google Translate:

The 10th anniversary of the anime "SKET DANCE"! BD-BOX released, a commemorative visual with 3 members of the sket team

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the TV anime "SKET DANCE" based on Kenta Shinohara, the 10th annivers…

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Takashichea Takashichea 26 days ago

Minor Wiki Requests Post Here not Talk Pages

Please post them on my wall. If you post it on a talk page, no one is going to see it. I usually delete the talk page after finishing up the task. I am active in Magi and Anime Vice Wikia.

Thank you.

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Takashichea Takashichea 8 June 2020

FYI: Before You Edit Templates

I did leave it open to people who knew more coding than I do. However, I do express to new wiki editors to ask first before you edit. I have been more active on Anime Vice and Magi Wikia but my most of my internet activity is in I don't have time to edit like I used to be.

However, I can still check by because this is the first Wikia I came to and the place where I stored my work. (I should have been done it at Anime Vice Wikia). It's too late now.

Please let me know if you edit any templates. I just fixed a mistake that distorted the infobox. I can only undo but I can't fix coding issues.

Thank you.

Takashichea (talk) 00:00, June 8, 2020 (UTC)

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Takashichea Takashichea 6 June 2015

Sket Dance (Anime Vice Wiki Team)

Below is a copy of of the many archived wiki project blogs from Anime Vice. Anime Vice shut down on April 9, 2015. All wiki editors had the option of migrating to our new Wikia, Anime Vice, a pre-existing Wikia, or Comic Vine. For me, since I done a majority of the episode summaries, I decided to only transfer my work to this Wikia along with work of my old teammates. My old teammates still have the right to their own work. If they come back, the work might be moved to AV Wikia at any time.

Thank you. I do love both Sket Dance and Anime Vice. It was hard to choose one place to preserve my Anime Vice teammates work and balance my Sket Dance Wikia teammates, too.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Members
  • 3 Friends
  • 4 Updates
    • 4.1 Legend
    • 4.2 1. Anime
    • 4.3 Week of Aug 18 2011
    • 4.4 Upd…

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Takashichea Takashichea 16 March 2014

A Short Leave in March

I have to leave the Wikia for the month of March since my role in Anime Vice has been over demanding. I have to work on Toriko wiki project and To Hollywood and Beyond Wikia, just to work on adding infoboxes to the Screened wiki I had to save during the week of March 14.

Sorry about that. I try to edit once a week, but I don't think I can for this month.

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Takashichea Takashichea 12 November 2013

Sket Dance Pocky Day

Hello guys and gals! I know by UTC time zone, it's past November 11th. Though in the Pacific region, it's still Pocky Day as well as Veteran's Day in the States.

Whenever you have Pocky, remember Sket Dance! Share your pocky with your friends and family. On behalf of Sket Dance Wikia, we wish a happy Pocky Day.

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Takashichea Takashichea 10 October 2013

Monthly Wiki Progress: October - December 2013

  • 1 October
    • 1.1 Episodes
    • 1.2 Chapters
    • 1.3 Characters
    • 1.4 Misc
  • 2 November
    • 2.1 Chapters
    • 2.2 Characters
    • 2.3 Misc
  • 3 Struggles
  • 4 Conflicts

  • Rumina did plot summaries for Turned the Crank-nyora☆, Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist, and The Little Princess in High Spirits (episode).
  • Takashichea did Tsubaki and Daisy (episode) and May I Come Backstage? (episode).

  • Takashichea uploaded chapter covers for Ch. 117-118 and 120-126.

  • Takashichea added Graduation and the last day of president story arcs to Daisy's page.

  • ScottKazama added the full names for Date's band mates.

  • Takashichea uploaded chapter covers for Chapters __.
    • He added summary to chapter 257.

  • Cococrash11 created Hidaka Asuka's page.
  • Takashichea added Takeuchi's page.
    • He added Hidaka's backstory, Birdman arc, quote,…

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Takashichea Takashichea 17 September 2013

Recent Staff Sweep

Hello everyone! You may have noticed a staff named Wagnike2 sweeping through our wiki pages and correcting typos on September 11th. The majority of his edits focused on deleting Template and capitalizing File from the code on various wiki pages.

Now then, I recently change my wiki habits because Cococrash11 mentioned I was nitpicky with his/ or spacing and British spellings. I tried to improve my habits from that point since it's not harming anyone or violating the rules. Personally, these edits don't have any significant changes. The edits that are significant are the ones that fix grammar/spelling, fix mistakes in story and details, adds new information, and streamline dense details in story arcs and such.

I'm not saying we should abandon …

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Takashichea Takashichea 10 August 2013

Monthly Wiki Progress: July-September 2013

  • 1 July
    • 1.1 Characters
    • 1.2 Chapters
    • 1.3 Episodes
    • 1.4 Misc
    • 1.5 Struggles
  • 2 August
    • 2.1 Characters
    • 2.2 Chapters
    • 2.3 Episodes
    • 2.4 Struggles
  • 3 September
    • 3.1 Episodes
    • 3.2 Characters
    • 3.3 Misc

  • Cococrash11 copied and pasted Ryusei Ichimaru's Last Arc into Bossun's story arc.
  • Kennedo added relationships for Board Director, Ryusei, and Yuuki
    • added Kanji and Romaji to Ryusei and Yuuki
  • Taka added Last Dance arc to Ryusei Ichimaru.
    • Added appearance info to Yuuki and Ryusei
    • On Sojiro Agata's page, added story arcs: Principal's Bust, The last day of the president, Shinba's Elegant Cooking, Battle Q, The sister is worried, and Graduation
    • Added appearance and personality details to Akane Fujisaki
    • Created the following character pages: Ayako Ichikawa, Noriko Ichikawa, and Yasuharu
  • Ciderarena upda…

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Takashichea Takashichea 2 August 2013

Glitches in Sket Dance Wikia

This is a list of glitches that the editors find in the community.

  • Spacing in Visual Mode - For some odd reason, the visual mode adds extra spaces. To fix this glitch, one must work in source mode and use preview mode to double check work.
  • Categories Disappearing in the Chapter wiki pages - Sometimes, you don't see the chapter category when working on the chapter wiki pages. Sometimes, when you submit, the wiki thinks you're adding the category.
  • Manga Table Layout in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox - RocketWobuffet showed pictures of the tables in both browsers. In Google Chrome, the tables are distorted. It looks like a warped pyramid. In Firefox, it looks normal. I'm not sure how the new Darwin layout fixed this error.
  • Image Replacement Delay…
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Takashichea Takashichea 28 July 2013

Admin Evaluations: Takashichea

Welcome everyone! I'm Takashichea, the 3rd Admin of Sket Dance Wikia and a wiki editor at Anime Vice. I'm here with an evaluation form. I haven't done this before. This is my first time being an Admin for a year and 4 months. The reason I start this evaluation is to complete my mission here. As you may not know, I started working here to embrace the Wikia Communities and to improve relationships between the former Whiskey Media sites and the Wikia communities.

Out of fairness, I will not respond to any of these comments. You guys and gals are free to make any comments in addition to filling out these evaluation questions. If someone misuse their powers and troll others, Cococrash11 will take care of these issues. These questions are not per…

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Takashichea Takashichea 3 July 2013

Updates to Wikia Changes Concerning Anonymous Editors

Source: SemanticDrifter's Blog at Community Central Wikia

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a United States federal law designed to limit the collection of personal information from people younger than 13 years of age. It was passed in 1998, and has been updated only once with a set of revisions that become effective July 1st, 2013. The Federal Trade Commission  (FTC) oversees the application and enforcement of the law. It applies to any website or service based in the U.S.

One popular misconception is that COPPA absolutely forbids anyone from using certain websites. While this can be a common outcome, the stated goal of the law is to make sure that websites obtain parental consent before they collect personal informatio…

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Takashichea Takashichea 29 June 2013

Sket Dance Manga Discussion Thread

Welcome everyone to the Sket Dance manga discussion thread!

I open up this thread because the manga is ending soon and to relieve Utipintar of her role. My teammate, Utipintar, is busy. She is the manga reviewer for the community. I didn't want to burden her with the weekly reviews. It will be too much work. Plus, I'm not up to date with the manga since I'm at the point where the anime had left off. I'm not suitable to be a manga reviewer.

Please feel free to share your comments and be civil and respectful to others. Please follow the golden rule: Treat others as you would want others to treat you back. Violators will receive a two strike warning before being banned.

Thank you.

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Takashichea Takashichea 10 June 2013

Sket Dance Manga Ending in the Volume 32

In volume 31 of Sket Dance, Kenta Shinohara has announced that Sket Dance will end in the next volume.

Chapter 288 is the last chapter in the manga series.

  • Crunchyroll
  • Anime News Network
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Namehlessanthe Namehlessanthe 30 May 2013

Repairs, Requests and Redirects.

A sad trait of mine is that I am a believer in Request Pages.

Here, please:

  • Direct me to any articles that need filling, proof-reading, revision or expanding
  • Give requests for any pics or articles
  • Don't abuse this to dump large workloads.

This is more a way for me to know what needs doing rather than what you want doing - I offer this by choice and will do  when i have time - so please be patient.

Preferably put links to the desired pages in your comments.

To prevent abuse, only registered users can put forward requests. Balthierfan (talk)

  • I can upload images, 720P, from the anime. I can supply high quality anime caps as long as Crunchyroll has the license to Sket Dance. Don't be afraid to ask me to upload images.
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Takashichea Takashichea 29 May 2013

Sket Dance Manga Marathon

Hey everyone, I'm Takashichea, an Anime Vice wiki editor and the 3rd admin at Sket Dance Wikia. I'm doing this marathon to read Sket Dance manga from the beginning and catch up to my teammates. I'm not the most knowledgeable person in this community because I only know the anime and what the anime cover in the manga so far. There is about 150 chapters that anime had covered. It went as far as chapter 178, I believe. However, the anime skips a few chapters in volumes 19 and 20.

I also did this because there has been a dispute Cococrash11 and myself concerning edits in spelling and spacing. As a new admin, it was the first time that I had dealt with issues like these. I believe I didn't do a good job as a fellow admin. With this manga maratho…

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Takashichea Takashichea 20 May 2013

Monthly Wiki Progress: April - June 2013

Hello everyone, welcome to the wiki report for Sket Dance Wikia. I do this because I used to a weekly progress report with the episode reviews during the times that the anime was still active. Plus, the wiki report reveals the style and the types of contributions of these wiki editors.

  • 1 April
    • 1.1 Struggles
    • 1.2 Conflicts
  • 2 May
    • 2.1 Conflicts
  • 3 June
    • 3.1 Chapter Work
    • 3.2 Episode Work
    • 3.3 Character Work
    • 3.4 Conflicts
    • 3.5 Vandalism

  • Utipintar updated the list of manga chapters and group several chapters under volume 30.
    • Created Chapter 236 with summary and everything else.
    • Added summary to chapter 252
    • Expanded chapter 256's summary
  • Cococrash11 does minor formatting with character pages by taking some sentences and placing them under appropriate sections: Nozomu Saikawa, T…

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Takashichea Takashichea 16 May 2013

Help Wanted - Japanese Titles Translation

Hello everyone. I'm Takashichea, the 3rd admin of Sket Dance Wikia. I have been asking around for help in translating manga titles around the Wikia Communities that I have worked at. Haven't found any luck there. I wanted to help my teammate, Utipintar who has been making the translations.

  • Chapter 264 (ゆるキャラサマー yuru kyara samaa)
  • Chapter 265 (引退地合 Intai jiai)
  • Chapter 274 (生徒会室ケーキバラバラ事件 seitokai shitsu keki barabara jiken)

For chapter 274, I thought it was "Student Council Cake," but I didn't know the rest of romaji meant.

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Takashichea Takashichea 24 March 2013

Monthly Wiki Progress: January - March 2013

  • AdventureWriter28 updated Switch's father's page.
  • Mr.Spark fought vandalism on chapter 223.
    • Wrote major story arcs for Akitoshi Daimon.
  • Takashichea wrote a detailed summary for episode 24.
    • Created Sket Dance OVA.
    • Fix several overlaps in episode galleries, 56-59.
  • Yuko Hanashima updated the infobox on Chuma's page.
  • Kirishima Yusuke added some snapshots in the Sket Dance OVA.
    • Updated uncollected chapters.
  • Kappaels updated the character list.
  • RocketWobbuffet updated manga with volume 29.
  • Utipintar updated manga's uncollected chapters.
    • Updated music.

  • Utipintar created Split Milk/ REFLECT page.
  • Kappaels added lyrics: Kanji and Romaji.
    • Added Kanji and English lyrics to HERO.
    • Added Kanji, English, and Romaji lyrics to CLEAR.
    • Added Kanji lyrics to Reboot.
    • Added Engl…

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Takashichea Takashichea 28 January 2013

Monthly Wiki Progress: December 2012

Note: "I" is referring to Takashichea.

  • 1 Wiki
    • 1.1 Episode Work
    • 1.2 Manga Work
    • 1.3 Character Work
    • 1.4 Misc
    • 1.5 Any Issues

  • An anonymous editor added plot summary to following manga chapters: 93, 96, 97, 99, 103, 104,
  • Both JudeGeronanana and I worked on improving the Ogress and Summer Breeze episodes' full summaries. Also, I provided snapshots since I realized I didn't have much of a variety of screen caps for my teammate to choose.
    • Later on Mr.Spark proofread the Ogress episode for grammar.
  • Kazuyoshi Usui's young default image was changed my me when I found a better shot from the Ogress episode.
  • I finished episode 24's full summary.

  • Mr. Spark proofread the following manga chapters' summaries: 103, 104, and 130.
  • LazyHorse moved chapter 243 into volume 27's tabl…

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Takashichea Takashichea 28 November 2012

Sket Dance's Volume 29 Includes New Anime DVD

The 29th volume of Kenta Shinohara's Sket Dance manga will bundle an anime DVD when it ships next February. The DVD will contain new anime that adapts "that particular" story episode from the manga that was not animated for the earlier television series. The official website for the anime will provide more information on the anime in production. An original video anime was previously announced that would be bundled with the manga next spring. The manga already inspired a television anime that just ended in September. Crunchyroll streamed the anime into several countries as it aired in Japan. The story follows Yusuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, and Kazuyoshi Usui, the three members of Kaimei High School's Living Assistance Club, or "Sket Brig…

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Takashichea Takashichea 15 November 2012

Monthly Wiki Progress: November 2012

  • Mr. Spark is a new wiki editor who has did some spectacular work on Shinzo, Daisy, Chiaki, and Akitoshi Daimon's story arcs. He has also added some quotes, and tidy up the grammar.
  • Wonderwoman456 created chapters 158 and 139 with summaries. Though, the wiki editor needs help in manga template code and image policy with fair use rationale.
  • An anonymous finished the Gintama crossover episode. I'm guessing it's Mr.Spark or AdventureWriter08 since those two (besides me) do detailed plot summaries. I will take a look at the writing style.
  • Utipintar and Baltheirfan updated the Pocket Dan page.
  • Utipintar updated the Switch On arc chapters with its volume link.
    • She updated the DVD table with a new table: Select Dance Series.
    • Nov. 25, 2012:: She created t…
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Takashichea Takashichea 14 November 2012

Sket Dance & Gintama Similarities and Differences


  • Switch's glasses are fake, and he doesn't have bad vision.
  • Switch's only sibling is dead while Shinpachi's older sister is still alive.
  • Switch is smarter than Shinpachi.
  • Shinpachi is the straight man.
  • Switch communicates by a laptop and speech synthesis software while Shinpachi speaks normally.

Thank you everyone for contributing to the discussion.

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Takashichea Takashichea 6 November 2012

Sket Dance Wikia Archive 2012

  • 1 News
  • 2 Wiki
  • 3 Monthly Wiki Progress Blogs
  • 4 Misc

  • April 14, 2012: Wikia Achievement - Sket Dance Wikia has reached its 500 page count. Congrats to all wiki editors who have worked hard. Please see our blog.
  • July 14, 2012: The manga celebrates its 5th year of serialization with the cover and lead color pages of Weekly Shounen Jump issue 33.
  • September 6, 2012:Sket Dance will premiere on Animax Asia in September 6, 2012. See Facebook link.
  • September 7, 2012: The voice cast of Himeko, Ryōko Shiraishi celebrated her 30th birthday which was also her wedding day. Congratulations! Please see blog.
  • September 25, 2012: Sket Dance anime is approaching its last episode. See news blog for more information.
  • October 9, 2012: Sket Dance will get an OVA bundled with it…

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Takashichea Takashichea 15 October 2012

News: Sket Dance OVA Coming Soon!

Kenta Shinohara's Sket Dance manga will bundle an original video anime next spring. The announcement was made at the "Sket Dance Premium Event: Kaimei High School Festival After-Party" on Monday. Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will provide details.

The manga already inspired a television anime that just ended last month. Crunchyroll streamed the anime into several countries as it aired in Japan.

The story follows Yusuke Fujisaki, Hime Onizuka, and Kazuyoshi Usui, the three members of Kaimei High School's Living Assistance Club, or "Sket Brigade." The club was created to help students with problems big or small, but most of the time the members find themselves hanging out in the club room with little to do. In spite of this, they stil…

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Takashichea Takashichea 9 October 2012

Monthly Wiki Progress: October 2012

Since the anime has ended, I have no wiki progress to add to the weekly reports. I came up with this idea to document significant wiki contributions and news. I had this odd obsession with documenting things since I was a historian at my club in college.

  • Date: Ryoga started adding references which motiviated me to add references to the character articles. I have done Himeko, Switch, and Ryōsuke Kirishima.
  • Date: AdventureWriter28 added a new header for all those episode gallery links on the episode wiki pages.
  • October 8, 2012: Following AdventureWriter28's suggestion to open the chat system, the community voted on the issue. See chat system poll.
  • With the anime done, I started creating episode galleries for all episodes and collecting eyecatches…
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Takashichea Takashichea 8 October 2012

Vote: should we have a chat system?

AdventureWriter28 proposes that Sket Dance Wikia should have a chat system up and running. I'm sorry for not welcoming all suggestions when I was looking for some to improve this community back then.

Do you guys and gals want a chat system here?

In order to get the chat system, I need a unanimous vote from every active wiki editor who have joined Sket Dance Wikia since October 2012 to when this site was found.

Thank you.

Note: No anonymous wiki editors are allowed to vote.

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Takashichea Takashichea 29 September 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 77 - The Campus SKET (Then)

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Verdict
    • 2.1 Good
    • 2.2 Bad
  • 3 Thanks
    • 3.1 Wiki Progress

While Bossun and the Sket Dan are helping the basketball team due to Jogasaki's little accident, Saaya works up the courage to confess to Bossun. Meanwhile, Sojiro thinks Saaya is still in love with Tsubaki.

Can Bossun and the gang help the basketball team and what will happened between Saaya and Bossun?

Watch this show legally on Crunchyroll.

Beware of spoilers!

  • Being the final episode, everyone except Queccion, Enigman, and a few others appear for the last time.
  • Seeing Teppei and Jogasaki getting along and working together in the basketball team brings closure to the two. In the first episode, Teppei was bullied by Jogasaki, and on the last episode, we get to see their past.
  • With Sojiro's usual …

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Utipintar Utipintar 29 September 2012

Sket Dance Manga Ch. 209 - Falling Blossoms of Confusion

The Sket Dan, along with Chūma, Remi, Captain, and Reiko are on Sakura Viewing party. But Remi mistook her tea to one of Chūma's drug. Chūma realizes after everyone already drank it. So the drug is the improved version of "Soul Swap" that Bossun and Himeko ever used it. The effect is that the person's personality will be completely opposite to its original. Like Himeko becomes docile, and Switch who are the king of bokke now becomes the tsukkomi-man. Meanwhile, what happens to others? How about Bossun's personality?

Beware of spoilers.

  • I've always excited when the Sket Dan, or other people became the victim of Chū-san's weird drug XD and this chapter is lolwut.
  • Bossun mentioned that Switch is the king of bokke. And now he became the tsukkomi …

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Takashichea Takashichea 25 September 2012

News: Sket Dan Anime is Ending

After Sket Dance has reached past its 2nd year on March 2, 2012, it seems like the anime can keep going up to 100 episodes. However, last week's episode stated that the anime is going to end.

Here's the dialogue of the Sket Dan's conversations.

  • Bossun: Let's go! The last...
  • All: Sket Dance!
  • Switch: Spring is the season of meetings and fall is the season of farewells.
  • Bossun: Our job is helping people lead smooth lives here at the academy.
  • Himeko: We help other clubs as well as individual problems.
  • Switch: From searching for lost items to cleaning the yard, we guarantee satisfaction.
  • Himeko: Whenever you're in trouble, you can talk to us about anything.
  • Switch: We'll be waiting for you here at the clubroom.
  • Bossun: From here on out and forever! Next: The Aca…

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Utipintar Utipintar 24 September 2012

Sket Dance Manga Ch. 208 - The Student Council Orientation Training Camp

< User blog:Utipintar

The new student council are now on their annual student council orientation camp, which is an usual routine for the student council every year. They're also going to design the student council T-shirt there. For Sasuke, as this is his first time leading the team without Sojiro's presence, he faced many challenges from the girls (and sometimes Kiri) at the camp like... sharing the same room to sleep.

Beware of spoilers.

  • This is the first time for the student council 'hanging out' together. While there's still Agata and Michiru, there's no a chapter like this. So I'm excited to read this.
  • In the end, that Sentokain becomes the object in the student council's t-shirt, which is he is the mascot (I think XD). I also like when …

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Takashichea Takashichea 22 September 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 76 - To Build a Better Academy

Welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report! Last week's episode was a serious one where we learned about Kiri's origin story. Though, the anime did not go along with the manga's storyline. We missed some precious details. This week's episode is a funny one, and I find it predictable that Sket Dan would go from serious to comic relief.

  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Bad
  • 2 Thanks
  • 3 Wiki Progress

The first story is about Kiri demonstrating his loyalty to Tsubaki, but Tsubaki's student council feels Kiri is acting more of an errand boy.

Later, the Sket Dan and the student council help Hani overcome her problem with her distaste of men. At first, Himeko and the girls dress as guys, but it doesn't work. Then, Himeko proposes to have Bossun and the rest of guys to cross dress as…

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Takashichea Takashichea 15 September 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 75 - SOLITUDE

Hello everyone and welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report! Last week's episode is pretty random humor, and for this week's episode, we get down to business with one of the new characters, Kiri Kato. In this episode, we get to know his back story.

  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Bad
  • 2 Thanks
    • 2.1 Wiki Progress:

When class 2-D's Shuuichi Morita lost control, Kiri's action makes him throw the chair towards Mimori. Sasuke tells Kiri to cooperate, but Kiri refuses to follow Sasuke's orders. Later, Himeko hangs out with Kiri who shares his story about Kihara who was a victim of Kutsuwa, a teacher from his old middle school. When Kiri's old teacher comes back to Kaimei High School and bullies Himeko, Kiri Kato loses his composure.

  • I don't have much bad stuff to report.
  • Anime vs…

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Takashichea Takashichea 12 September 2012

Seiyuu News: Ryoko Shiraishi Gets Married!

Hello Sket Dance Wikia Community! Though, it's a bit of a late news, but I just have to announced it.

Ryoko Shiraishi married on September 6, 2012 before she turned 30 which is on September 7.

On her blog, she said this:

“I want to get married before I’m 30-years-old… To those who worried and made a joke about my dream, are you relieved now? Lol. Have I surprised you? I almost gave up on it. I didn’t know it would come true. I’m the most surprised! Since it was a rapid development.”

Here are some sketches by two mangaka who congratulate Ryoko on her marriage.

The image on the right is drawn by [Karino Takatsu] (author of Wagnaria!!).

This comic strip is drawn by Takashi Shiina (author of Zettai Karen Children). The character Aoi (voiced by Ryoko…

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Utipintar Utipintar 11 September 2012

Sket Dance Manga Ch. 207 - Demon's Demonstration

< User blog:Utipintar

So... *ehm* because Taka asked me and somehow I managed to get some spare time... so from now on I will write a blog post about newest Sket Dance manga based its English translation. I didn't write a review based the newest chapter out in Japan because I don't really understand Japanese and I don't read Chinese translation (yet I know nothing about Chinese). Sometimes, I read the RAW and Chinese translation to understand the plot.

My English is not good, but I try my best.

While the Sket Dan practicing ball lifting at a department store (why the hell did they do that there?!), Bossun breaks a merchandise from a salesman. While the salesman left his place, he orders the Sket Dan to watch his store and do a proper demo for…

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Takashichea Takashichea 8 September 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 74 - Food Fighter Home Visit

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Verdict
    • 2.1 Good
    • 2.2 Bad
  • 3 Thanks
    • 3.1 Wiki Progress

Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! It's another crazy, random episode this week.

Sasuke accidentally broke Bossun's bonus toy car that he won from a candy box. Mimori says her father is collecting something similar so she brings Bossun, Himeko and Sasuke to her home... no, it's a mansion! Wait no, it's a town...

Later, after deciding to stop her high speed 'Captain Munch', Chiaki is challenged by an old foe to a rematch over her 'food fighter' abilities, can she regain her 'Munch' or while Bossun be able to fill in?

Written by Utipintar and Balthierfan.

Beware of spoilers!

  • We get some more background information on Mimori and how insanely rich she is.
  • Chiaki's food fighter spirit shows up fo…

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Takashichea Takashichea 1 September 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 73 - The Time I Fully Came to Know Peeping

Howdy everyone and welcome to the weekly Sket Dance report! Things are getting hectic in Sket Dance since we have two new members for Tsubaki's team. They're quite quirky in their own way.

  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Bad
  • 2 Thanks
    • 2.1 Wiki Progress:

After Hime discovers a peeping tom who stare at her as she changed in the girls' locker room, she asks Bossun and Switch to help catch the creep. However, Bossun and Switch ignore her plea as they watch a student spider climbing. Meanwhile, Roman and Michinori are having a manga faceoff to determine who is the better mangaka.

  • For Michinori, his character is weak. Even though he is a minor character, I expected more from a shonen mangaka who is supposed to be Roman's rival. I guess my expectations was too high since Michin…

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Takashichea Takashichea 25 August 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 72 - Chasing Kagero

Welcome everyone to the Weekly Sket Dance report! After Sojiro and Shinba are gone, Sasuke fills up Sojiro's spot as president while Mimori becomes vice president. We have two empty seats for two new characters.

Due to recent muggings of students by a ninja named Kagerō, Bossun and Himeko set up a sting operation where they plan to catch the ninja. In the second story, Tsubaki and his student council have a new member on their team, Hani Usami who has her own surprising quirks.

If you love these characters, this episode would be great for you. Overall, this episode is good because you got new characters with some quirks of their own.

Thank you everyone for reading this report! Please support the anime and the wiki community, both Sket Dance W…

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Takashichea Takashichea 17 August 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 71 - Genius Poopman Yearning

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Sket Dance Weekly Report! Last week was a cool episode and a bit sad because Sojiro Agata and Shinba are gone. They have graduated Kaimei High School. This week's episode is back to the usual, funny Sket Dance business.

The first story is a homage to a Japanese folktale, The Crab and The Monkey, and Himeko is the crab seeking vengeance against Switch, the monkey, who has stolen the persimmon from Reiko, the mother crab.

In the second story, Kuroda asks the Sket Dan to restore Dante to his old, Visual Kei self because Dante has undergone an Enka transformation.

Overall, this episode is funny, and you may like the 2nd story or the 1st story better than the other. In my opinion, I prefer the 2nd story. In the n…

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Takashichea Takashichea 10 August 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 70 - The Last Day of President

Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance blog! This week's episode is a bit of morbid episode for Sojiro fans because he and Shinba are graduation. The story in Sket Dance is moving on.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Verdict
    • 2.1 Good
    • 2.2 Bad
  • 3 Thanks
    • 3.1 Wiki Progress

The torch has passed from Sojiro to Sasuke who is new president. Being anxious, Sasuke starts being strict with the rules until Sojiro has a man to man talk with Sasuke. He tells him that he has his friends as his support. Later, a stranger calls Sojiro and threatens to hurt Saaya if Sojiro does not solve the four puzzles that he has set up.

Will Sojiro save his little sister, Saaya?!

Beware of Spoilers!

  • Despite that Sojiro is a minor character, he helps mold Sasuke and Bossun. He's an unforgettable character with a uniq…

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Takashichea Takashichea 3 August 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 69 - Poop's in Heaven, So Come, Student Council

Bossun struggles to get to the restroom to finish his business, but someone or something keeps getting in his way as he tries to find a toilet. Can Bossun fulfill his "duty" before he embarrasses himself?

When Shinba and Sojiro are going to graduate, their postions are up for grabs, and the student council are going to do a manga ad. Sasuke asks Bossun for help since he has no artistic skills. Will Bossun and the gang make an awesome manga ad using Tsubaki's lame hero?

  • 1 Verdict
    • 1.1 Good
    • 1.2 Bizarre
  • 2 Thanks
    • 2.1 Wiki Progress

Beware of spoilers!

  • Sket Dance's first story involves a lot of crude humor. It might make you laugh or cringe.
  • I enjoyed the part where Bossun flashes his neighbor by accident.
  • It's another manga quest, and I love it since it has th…

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Takashichea Takashichea 27 July 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 68 - Operation Love Potion

Welcome everyone to another beautiful Sket Dance episode. This week, we got some romance mission from Suzu. Last week, it's about twin brothers, Sasuke and Bossun, who are so focused on one thing. Back to this episode, it's fantastic if you enjoy Remi and Chuma shipping.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Verdict
    • 2.1 Good
    • 2.2 Bad
  • 3 Thanks
    • 3.1 Wiki Progress

Suzu asks Sket Dan to help her and Remi make Chuma take the love potion because Remi is in love with Chuma, and Suzu wants her to be her mother.

Can Suzu and the gang carry out the Love Operation mission?

Beware of Spoilers!

  • Bossun's plan is ridiculous since the requirements for the Love Potion is pretty crazy.
  • Remi and Suzu are cute when they work together to distract Chuma.
  • At the end where Chuma proposes to Remi, Remi rejects C…

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Takashichea Takashichea 21 July 2012

Weekly Sket Dance Ep. 67: Tsubaki Lame T-Deep Meaning

Hey everyone! Welcome to the weekly Sket Dance, and boy, the week's going by too fast. I still look forward to Sket Dance every week among other new summer anime shows. For me, it fills the gap of Gintama with the help of Binbogami ga! anime series.

Tsubaki's hobby is making original T-shirt designs, but when his fellow Student Council members proclaim them "lame", he goes to his twin brother Bossun for a shot of creative advice. Then, Bossun's love for a robot anime leads him to an otaku meet-up. Will he be able to fit in?

Via Crunchyroll

Thank you guys and gals for reading this weekly report. Please support the anime and the wiki editors who are working hard on the wiki project. The more you contribute, the better community would get.

  • Balthi…

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Takashichea Takashichea 14 July 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 66 - Seeking Out Tsukkomi

Welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report! It's another weird episode this week.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Verdict
    • 2.1 Good
    • 2.2 Bad
  • 3 Thanks
    • 3.1 Wiki Progress

Switch introduces his latest invention, Braviera, that can pick up animal's thoughts and translate it within a 5 meter radius. Things go wrong when Braviera starts picking up thoughts of the Sket Dan crew, and the Sket Dan start getting into an argument. Will the Sket Dan kiss and make up?

In the Roaring Laughter Tsukkomi Battle, Himeko faces off with Komiyama to help Momoka and show that she is the best Tsukkomi. Will Himeko win?

  • Bossun and Himeko are a natural comedic duo with Himeko whacking him with Tsukkomi.
  • Even thought the Sket Dan gang thought Hosuke say those kind words, it turns out to be Roman. She thinks s…

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Takashichea Takashichea 7 July 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 65 - He's Interested in the Sister and the Brother's Interested in Him

Welcome everyone to another weekly report! I love looking forward to another episode of Sket Dance because they always have a funny episode that takes away the feelings of a hard week's work.

When Shinba Michiru mentions that Saaya and Sasuke are close, Sojiro thinks they are a couple. He decides to investigate to protect his little sister, and Saaya thinks Sojiro knows about her crush on Bossun.

Thank you everyone for reading the weekly report. Please support the franchise and the wiki editors who are working hard in Anime Vice and Sket Dance Wikia.

  • Baltheirfan: He was on a roll this week as he did many things such as fixing links, added characters to chaptes, updated manga, and created pages. His new pages are Gesu-ling Club and Ch. 239. He…

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Takashichea Takashichea 6 July 2012

Sket Dance Project: Organizing Images by Categories

Welcome, wiki editors of Sket Dance Wikia! This is a project where we focus on organizing images into categories.

Lynxian started the first page for Daisy. I created several others. At the same time, I ask you guys and gals to help organize the images and add Fair Use Rationale.

Thank you.

  • Daisy
  • Bossun
  • Himeko
  • Switch
  • Sasuke Tsubaki
  • Saaya Agata
  • [Sojiro Agata]

  • Manga Title Chapter Pages
  • Anime Eyecatches
  • Volume Covers
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Takashichea Takashichea 30 June 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 64 - School Trip Rhapsody, Part 2

Welcome everyone to the Weekly Sket Dance report! The week is flying fast, and we have another lovely episode of Sket Dance that concludes the awkward yet hysterical School Rhapsody arc.

Thank you everyone for reading this weekly report. Please support the franchise and the wiki editors who are working on Sket Dance in Anime Vice and Sket Dance Wikia. If you guys and gals love an anime or manga series, feel free to drop a comment, review, blog, or do some wiki edits. The more we get involved, the better this community gets.

  • Lynxian: she did some minor things such as fixing Pop Culture and Yoshihiko pages.
  • Utipintar: She finished School Trip Rhapsody, Part 2's summary.
  • Takashichea: I finished the School Trip Rhapsody's manga chapters: 134 - 138…

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Takashichea Takashichea 24 June 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 63 - School Trip Rhapsody Part 1

Hello everyone and welcome to the Weekly Sket Dance report! Now, we're in an arc called School Trip Rhapsody where Bossun and Himeko have switched bodies during a school field trip to Niigata. Who knows what embarrassing things await Bossun and Himeko.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Verdict
    • 2.1 Good
    • 2.2 Bad
  • 3 Thanks
    • 3.1 Wiki Progress

With Himeko and Bossun's body switched, things get tense when their female classmates asks Himeko (Bossun) to change or to take a bath, and Bossun (Himeko)'s help is making things worse. Meanwhile, Switch is keeping an eye out for Saaya, Sasuke is acting like a cat, and Chuma is making a cure for Bossun and Himeko. Can the two bear each other's burden despite sheer embarrassment?

  • There are tons of hilarious moments in this episode. Tsubaki is no…

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Utipintar Utipintar 18 June 2012

Why I Love Bossun

This post was originally posted at my Tumblr and since Bossun is from Sket Dance I want to post it here too. I also like Himeko and Switch, but I have more words about him than the other two. I also want to post the character I don’t like but… too lazy.

Meh, my English bad since I have no games to play with but I do my best.

Yuusuke Fujisaki aka Bossun is the founder and leader of the Sket Dan and the main character.

For a size of main protagonist in a series, good with something that other people not is an ordinary thing. But Bossun has two godhands with him - he can folding origami, making figures, drawing, playing music (and singing), and not related with his hand, acting (while practicing with Momoka) and good concentration if he uses hi…

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Takashichea Takashichea 17 June 2012

Weekly Sket Dance: Ep. 62 - Skip!

Welcome to another Sket Dance weekly report! I'm Takashichea, a wiki editor and Sket Dance fan, and I'm here to give you a run down on this episode and a progress report on the wikia community.

Thank you guys and gals for reading the Sket Dance weekly report. Please support the Sket Dan Wikia community and the Sket Dance franchise by doing some wiki edits or blogs.

  • Lynxian: She created Mao Kamiya's page and uploaded a cool image of Hime impersonating Daisy.
  • Takashichea: I finished categorizing manga title pages up to volume 2 and the same thing for volume images up to volume 10. Due to the recent changes to the manga's infobox, I had to move the bullet lists of characters back to the infobox. I did chapters 110-112, 116-119, and various chapt…

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