Birdman, Part 2

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Kanji バードマン・後編
Romaji Baado man, kōhen
Volume 29
Himeko, Bossun, Kazuyoshi Usui, Hidaka Asuka,Takeuchi, Tetsuji Chūma


With only 3 days left, Hidaka and the Sket Dan are not making much progress. When Himeko tells them that this dream is impossible, Bossun and the others are upset with Himeko. Bossun wonders what has happened to Himeko. Later in the park, Hidaka chats with Himeko and mentions that she wants to do something, but she is afraid that others will laugh at her. Himeko replies that flying it's impossible. Sharing Himeko's frustration, Hidaka admits he ran into this wall and hard work isn't enough to reach his dream. He shares what Takeuchi mentioned. Takeuchi asks Hidaka if he hates his passion of building airplanes. After Hidaka cries that he loves doing it, Takeuchi tells him to not give up on his dreams. Himeko states that she has a dream, but she has consider having back-ups. Hidaka tells her to give everything shot because she will never know until she tries. If something doesn't work, give up on it. If she has a passion for the one thing, she should never give up. Unbeknownst to Hidaka and Himeko, Bossun overhears their conversations.

Next day by the river, Bossun debriefs Hidaka and the crew about their strategy. Hidaka realizes that he has forgotten to ask Takeuchi to be here. Then, Himeko calls Bossun that Takeuchi has passed her. Bossun urges Hidaka to start flying. After Bossun and Switch pushes Hidaka off, he flies above the river. Hidaka manages to catch Takeuchi's attention and to share his final farewells.

Later in Chūma's office, Himeko tells Chūma that she aspires to be a teacher in Modern Japanese. In the Sket Dan club room, Bossun catches Himeko studying.