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Birdman, Part 1

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Kanji バードマン・前編
Romaji Baado man, zenpen
Volume 29
Himeko, Bossun, Tetsuji Chūma, Chiaki Takahashi, Shinzō Takemitsu, Roman Saotome, Date, Sasuke Tsubaki, Kaoru Yagi, Momoka Kibitsu, Kazuyoshi Usui, Hidaka Asuka, Takeuchi


Chūma hands out questionnaires about career choices to his students. When the students protest, Chūma reminds them that they have think about their future. As the students fill out their questionnaires, Himeko asks Bossun about his goals after high school. Bossun replies that he will go to a university, but he doesn't know which one. He remarks that he will go to a school near home. Then, Bossun asks Himeko about her goals. Himeko cries that she has no talents. Shinzo and Chiaki reassure her that most folks don't know what their goals in life are. Himeko reminds her two friends that they have sports endorsement. In the Sket Dan clubroom, Bossun explains that he has no dream. Himeko brings up several of their friends who have goals. When Bossun asks her about a profession that she always admired, Himeko replies that she has none. Bossun reminds her of how much she helped folks and shares a thought provoking quote.

Suddenly, a plane flies into the clubroom and hits Bossun in the head. Afterwards, Hidaka apologizes to Bossun and is relieved that his plane is all right. Then, Hidaka notices Bossun's Aviator Hat. He notes that his hat is like the ones used by the Japanese Navy. Moments later, Switch informs his gang about Hidaka's background. Hidaka's goals are to create a plane that can fly without an engine. Hidaka takes the Sket Dan for a tour around the garage. He explains that the other students left when finding the project impossible to do. During the whole project, it is only Takeuchi-sensei and Hidaka working tirelessly. Switch comments that Hidaka is quite passionate about his dreams, but he has no skills in engineering, noting Hidaka's messy blueprints. Bossun quickly fixes the blueprints. Hidaka asks Bossun and the others to help him complete the project. He estimates it will take one week.

As a little boy, Hidaka shares that he wanted to fly. As he grew, he became interested in man powered planes. Only one man believed in his dreams, Takeuchi. Takeuichi became the advisor of the club to support Hidaka's dreams. Though, Takeuchi will be retiring by the end of the week to undergo therapy due to health problems. Hidaka vows that he will show Takeuchi that their plane will fly. Bossun accepts Hidaka's request. Himeko recalls Takeuchi's words. Later, Chūma reminds Himeko to turn in her questionnaire.