Biney's Muteamp
Biney's Muteamp
(ビニーズミュートアンプ, Biniizu myūtoanpu) is a 50-minute exercise DVD which parodies the Billy's Bootcamp exercise videos. A copy of the DVD was bought by Otakura, but he found it so useless that he ended up giving it to Switch. It was seemingly filmed in a single take, and thus looks rather unprofessional as it opens with the actors standing and chatting before the shoot. Though it was filmed in Japan, all of the actors, except Biney himself, are foreigners.


  • The "life sucks, I don't want to do anything" sit-down-and-relax
  • Tsundere neck stretches
  • The "childhood friend" leaning stretch
  • Group arm stretches
  • Twister stretches
  • "Making jam" stretches


  • Captain Biney (ビニー隊長, Binii taichō) is an elderly, skinny Japanese man who speaks with a lisp. Though he is meant to be the main instructor of the DVD, he is so bad at explaining about the DVD that the director replaces him with one of the students.
  • André MacDonald (アンドレ・マクドナルド) is a muscular black-skinned man who resembles Billy Blanks. He ends up replacing Biney as the video's instructor.
  • Joanna MacDonald (ジョアンナ・マクドナルド) is a toned woman who is repeatedly used as an example of perfect stretching. Prior to the shoot, André had apparently proposed to her.