Ayumi Kuramoto
倉本 歩
Kuramoto Ayumi
Nickname Kura-chan (クラちゃん)
Birthday May 29
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 159 cm
Weight 43 kg.
Eyes Reddish-brown
Hair Umber
School Kaimei High School, Class 2-E
Manga Debut Chapter 15
You Mustn't Watch It
Anime Debut Episode 10
You Mustn't Watch It
Seiyū Mai Aizawa

Ayumi Kuramoto (倉本 歩, Kuramoto Ayumi) is a student at Kaimei High School. Although she and Yagi are very competitive when it comes to their grades, they are actually good friends. She asks the Sket Dan for help in cheering Yagi up when the latter seems in dire straits.


She has short, light brown hair that reaches down to her chin. Her hairstyle is straight with full bangs. She has dark brown eyes, and she has nothing unique about her uniform.


She's a helpful girl who asks the Sket Dan to help her friend Yagi and Dante.


Major Story Arcs


  • Ayumi is a good friend with Kaoru Yagi as they are seen shopping together when Bossun and Himeko bump into them. [1]
  • Ayumi always help Kiyoshi Date go to Sket Dan's clubroom whenever Dante has trouble.


  • The name Ayumi means "walk" (歩).
  • Ayumi's surname Kuramoto means "warehouse" (倉) (kura) and "base, root, origin" (本) (moto).


  • Like Roman in the anime, Ayumi sometimes provides narration, and in two instances, she is seen narrating with little or no clothes. [2][3]


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