Arisa Kanō
Past | Present
加納 ありさ
Kanō Arisa
Nickname Aa-chan (あーちゃん)
Birthday July 25
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 156 cm.
Weight 47 kg.
Hair Brown
Relatives Mother
Manga Debut Chapter 57
Anime Debut Episode 36
Seiyū Haruka Tomatsu

Arisa Kanō (加納 ありさ, Kanō Arisa) was Himeko's first friend in middle school after moving to Tokyo.


Compared to her past self, Arisa has her ponytails changed to short hair that extends almost to her nape.


She is a quiet girl who seems gentle that Hime swore to protect her. However, she is scared about her peaceful life at school being disturbed and hires bullies to protect it. She dislikes people making the impression of her being weak and frail.


Arisa is a member of the school's field hockey team, she wasn't very good at the sport and asked for helpful tips from Himeko. Though not the sort of person who stood out, Arisa was well-liked, attentive and kind. At one point, Himeko believed that Arisa was being extorted by a classmate named Kyōko Nanba, but it turned out to be an act. Arisa had been paying Kyōko of her own volition in order to remain under the radar at school and to prevent any possibility of bullying - which she had suffered in primary school. As she was from a wealthy family, she felt that her only viable weapon was money. After tricking Himeko and luring her into a trap, Arisa stated that she had only befriended the former out of pity, thus leading Himeko to lose her composure and attack Kyōko's gang.

Terrified, Arisa called her a monster and the two parted ways.

Major Story Points

Reunion with Himeko

Several years later, when they are both in high school, Arisa and Himeko run into each other at a park near the middle school. Arisa revealed that she had been coming to the park every day since then in the hopes of seeing Himeko, in order to apologize. She gains closure when Himeko forgives her.


  • "You, protect me?! Who the hell do you think you are? I'm the one that made friends with you! So what if I was a little friendly and hung out with you! Bastards like you do that, look down on the weak!, get a superiority complex, and start bullying!" - to Hime Onizuka [1]


  • Arisa's surname Kanō means "add, increase" (加) (ka) and "" (納) ().


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