Ape Escape

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Kanji エイプ・エスケイプ
Romaji Eipu esukeipu
Volume Volume 1
Anime Episode 2
Moe Yabasawa, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Yeti, Chū-san, Kanegi


Yabasawa asks the Sket Dan to look after her pet monkey, Yeti for the day, but he turns out to be mischievous and perverted. Chū-san calls the trio after he manages to create an explosive potion which he has locked in a baseball-sized sphere, and asks them to dispose of it for him. However, Yeti takes the sphere and bolts, leaving the Sket Dan to chase him throughout the school grounds. They eventually catch him by using Himeko as bait, but instead of the sphere they find a baseball in his backpack - apparently the two had gotten switched while the monkey was among the softball players. On the field below, a teacher whose throwing skills had been called "girly" throws what he believes to be a baseball in order to prove the allegations wrong. What he had picked up is actually the explosive sphere, which blows up the equipment shed.

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