Several times throughout the series, characters are placed in an alternate setting with no connection to the main plotline. Though the cast keep their usual personalities, their circumstances and environment create some differences in character. These alternate universes are generally humorous or silly, and frequently serve as a transition between serious chapters and more comical ones.

Nusutto Dance

Ep 32 Eyecatch Part A.png

  • Setting: Feudal Japan (Edo Period), with ninjas. Based heavily on the setting and dress styles of Naruto.
  • Character Roles:
    • The Sket Dan are a trio known as the Nusutto Dan who will take on missions to steal all kinds of things. They are fugitive ninja considered to be just and righteous thieves. Himeko still carries a field hockey stick and Switch has a computer, though it is made of wood. Instead of a slingshot, Bossun wields shuriken.
    • Chū-san is the head of the Chūma Clan, and Roman's father.
    • Roman is Chū-san's daughter. She ends up becoming a ninja as well, utilizing her manga creation techniques to gloss over training. She throws spiked speech bubbles instead of shuriken.
    • Shinzō is a ronin and a retainer of the Chūma Clan.
    • The Student Council are members of the Hitsuke-Touzoku Aratame (Guards Against Arson and Robbery) serving as guards at the lord's castle.
    • Reiko is a well-dwelling ghost who ends up becoming a ninja as a result of Roman's manga creation techniques.
  • Storyline: The Nusutto Dan are called to help Chū-san, whose daughter Roman has been carried off by the local lord. Not wanting her to become part of the lord's harem, Chū-san requests that the Nusutto Dan steal back his daughter (and some riches) from the lord's castle.

Rocket Dance

Ep 32 Eyecatch Part B.jpg

  • Setting: Outer Space.
  • Character Roles:
    • The Sket Dan are a poverty investigation team, but also one of the strongest fighting groups in the universe. Bossun is the ship's captain and wields a ray gun. Switch is a humanoid robot.
    • Tsubaki is the prince of the planet Papepp and speaks in an unusual fashion with "p" as the starting and ending letter of almost every word, thus frequently requiring translation. His name is spelled "Tsubaaki" and he has antennae and pointed ears.
    • Yamanobe-sensei is the king of Papepp and Tsubaki's father.
    • Mimori is Tsubaki's fiance, also from Papepp.
    • Agata is the captain of a group of space pirates from the planet Nanenn. His name is spelled "Aagatta" and he has horns, an eyepatch, and a scar between the eyebrows.
    • Michiru and Asahina are space pirates under Aagatta's command.

Combat Dance

Biscuit Dance

Quest Dance

Quest Dance Party.png

  • Setting: Dragon Quest-like World
  • Character Roles:
    • Switch is a magician.
    • Enigman is "A-chan."
    • Saaya is a dancer.
    • Tsubaki is a priest monk.
    • Himeko is a farmer.
    • Bossun is a slime.

Robot Dance

  • Setting: Outer Space.
  • Character Roles:
    • Himeko as the head of a clan that reigns over the Mechapolis city named Himekooni Oniioni Oniooni Onioni.
    • J-Son as one of Himekooni Oniioni Oniooni Onioni's robot.
    • Doctor Switch as a mad scientist that made 4 robots of justice to stop Himekooni Oniioni Oniooni Onioni.
    • Bossun as Char Boss, one of Doctor Switch's robot. It is just a piece of junk that speaks in Gahinese.
    • Kiri Katou as one of Doctor Switch's robot. It is a ninja-type armored android named "Kiri Sliced Cheese". It won't obey any order unless is it from the 'President'.
    • Moe Yabasawa as Yabaemon, a Doraemon-like and awfully robot.
    • Sasuke Tsubaki as Giant Tsubaki aka the 'President' Kiri has obey for, is Doctor Switch's robot. It is actually not big as its name. It also speaks in Gahinese and often fights with Char Boss.
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