Akitoshi Daimon / Enigman
Enigman | Akitoshi
大門 明智
Daimon Akitoshi
Nickname Enigman (エニグマン)
Akkun (あっくん)
Enii (エニー)
Birthday February 26
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 176 cm.
Weight 64 kg.
Eyes Indigo
Hair Brown
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-? (chapters 1-209)
3-C (chapters 210-present)
Likes Riddles (enigmas)
Dislikes Himself while masked
Affiliation Quiz Society
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Anime Debut Episode 35
Seiyū Satoshi Hino

Akitoshi Daimon (大門 明智, Daimon Akitoshi), more commonly known as Enigman (エニグマン), is the head of the Quiz Society.


When he started cosplaying during club activities, he discovered a significant difference in his personality with a mask as opposed to without. He suggested to Quecchon that they make up some interesting characters to match their cosplay, thus creating their alter-egos.


He has many female fans, making it known that he is immensely popular and handsome when not putting on his disguise as Enigman (this different identity is a rare knowledge among the public). His hair is slicked back with two strands hanging on his forehead. When not wearing his mask, he appears shy and unsure, and occasionally blushes. However, with his mask on, he dons a wide confident grin and a loud personality in contrast to his natural expressions.


He is naturally a timid man with an innocent mindset. He becomes easily embarrassed and is overly humble, particularly about his good looks. However, when he puts on his mask, he becomes a loud extrovert. He is exceptional at brain teasers and logic puzzles. Since developing a crush on his partner Quecchon, he has worn his mask significantly less often.

Major Story Points

VS the Sket Dan

Enigman appears through the Sket Dan Clubroom window and challenges the Sket Dan to a quiz battle at the rooftop of Kaimei High School. Initially, Bossun and Switch are skeptical about taking part in the quiz just for that doll but Himeko convinces them both otherwise. Once at the rooftop, Enigman introduces Quecchon to the Sket Dan and starts the quiz battle. Bossun answers all of Enigman's questions correctly.  Enigman gives Himeko, a key to unlock the box that has her Pelorin doll back. Enigman leaves with Quecchon saying that they would want to battle with the Sket Dan again someday. 

VS the Student Council

Much to the surprise of the Student Council, they were forced into Enigman's quiz battle at the rooftop with a photo of their mishaps at stake. After everyone agreed on the circumstances, they proceed into answering the questions that Enigman would be giving. However, Enigman planned the quiz battle to happen on the day where Agata will attend a school meeting. Thus, with their leader (who has an IQ of 160) gone, Enigman questions them whether they could beat this quiz battle. After explaining the rules, Enigman states that it will be boring if they just try to solve the quiz, so he invited the person who he deems a quiz king; Bossun. With the first question up, Asahina and Unyuu got both their answers wrong when their answers consist of both violence and money. Bossun easily came up with the answer when it was his turn. Second question, Michiru has to answer this one since it consists of himself and a bouquet of flowers. After much thinking, he confidently answers that it can be solved with "the magic of love" since he can show the girl any flower he wants. With his answer wrong, Bossun tells them the correct answer easily. Lastly, it's Tsubaki's turn and he has to answer correctly if he wants to get the picture back. Consisting of a baseball player and the amount of pitches he has thrown, Tsubaki and Bossun both got the answer wrong. At that moment, Agata appears with the intent of actually taking a nap on the rooftop but decides to help the Student Council. As a Student Council member, he says that he also has the right to answer but only wants to guess the questions with the answers as hints. Thinking that its impossible, Enigman agrees to it but surprisingly, Agata got all the questions correctly and even solved the last question. As the Student Council rejoice, Agata calls out to the now retreating Quiz Society and Bossun. He jokingly states that he'll crush them for insulting the Student Council. With that, Enigman gives them back the photo that he took which depicts the Student Council vandalizing the principle's bust. 

Love Troubles

Daimon is seen walking towards the Sket Dan Clubroom with many female onlookers around him. At first glance, Bossun and Himeko couldn't figure out who this person is since they have never met him before. As Daimon begins the consultation whereby he needs help due to love troubles, Bossun asks him about his name, class and club activities. After telling them both nothing but the year he's in, Bossun wants to ask Switch but seemingly realizes that he is absent that day. After pestering and questioning Daimon even more, they figured out that the shy "Akitoshi Daimon" was actually the eccentric "Enigman" from the Quiz Society Club. At that, Bossun realizes that the person he likes must have been Quecchon. While Bossun and Himeko were pondering over the fact that Daimon and his counterpart Enigman is so different, they ask whether his personality changes whenever he puts on the mask but then disregard it as something so manga-like that it can't be true. However, Daimon confesses that he indeed does have that kind of condition, shocking both Bossun and Himeko. Daimon proceeds to tell Bossun and Himeko why he's so afraid to confess to Quecchon; that it is due to the fact that Quecchon admires Enigman, not Akitoshi Daimon. This prompts Bossun to scream and insult him with various insulting words but his purpose was to give Daimon more courage so that he can confess to Quecchon without his mask on since, according to Bossun's point of view, Daimon's not scared but only trying to mask his own feelings. With that, Daimon got up with more courage and thanks Bossun profusely for the help stating that it was "really" inspiring, although it wasn't as inspiring to both Bossun and Himeko. Then, both of them forced Daimon to confess to Quecchon right now stating that he might procrastinate again. At the hallway where the confession is taking place, Bossun and Himeko hides behind a corner to spy while Daimon tells Quecchon about his true feelings and shows his real face. Asking whether Quecchon could take her mask of as well, she agrees to it and proceeds to take of her mask. With her mask off, she tells Daimon that she too has her personality altered whenever her mask is taken off, shocking everybody. However, in contrast to the handsome but shy Akitoshi Daimon, Quecchon without her mask is a cute but with a terrible personality type of person. In the end, she rejects Daimon and leaves, telling him to not talk to her anymore.

Date Concerns

Enigman/Daimon comes to the Sket Dan for help with questions concerning Quecchon. He states that he has manage to become closer to her after the brutal rejection from Quecchon some time ago. Now they are going on a supposed date, which is actually part of their club activity. Prompting Switch to ask if that counts as an actual date to which Bossun replies him to keep quiet. So now, Daimon asks the Sket Dan to advise him on what he should do. The Sket Dan agrees to it and asks Daimon to tell them when he is supposed to meet Quecchon. Daimon tells them that he's suppose to meet her near the train station at 11.00. Bossun suggests that he comes 5 minutes earlier. However, Daimon worries that Quecchon would always arrive a minute earlier, thus he suggests that he comes 40 minutes earlier.

After deciding, Himeko tells Daimon to always complement on a girl's clothing. Daimon immediately retaliated by asking if Quecchon might have a terrible sense of fashion. Then, Daimon retaliates again by asking if Quecchon might have a good fashion sense and if someone like Daimon praises her, she would find it strange. This made Daimon ponder over the fact that he might have to go to France and learn about fashion before complementing Quecchon's looks. Daimon has come up with several scenarios that end horribly such as lunch, a photo shoot, and a roller coaster ride. Lastly, he anticipated the fact that he might let her balloon fly away and accidentally run into some delinquents while trying to get it back. Thus, he came up with the idea that Quecchon's ice cold stare will prevent him from running away, so he'll have to compensate by hitting a punching machine in the arcade. However, he thought he might break his arm if he punched too hard. With the Sket Dan completely exhausted from listening to Daimon, Bossun tells Daimon to stop thinking so negatively and that if he wants to really impress Quecchon, he'll have to start thinking on how to actually Complement on the good things about her. Daimon, finally realizing this, thanked the Sket Dan and went off to get ready for his date.

Ironically, everything Daimon anticipated had come true. Thus, the date went horribly wrong. After the date, Daimon is seen pacing quickly towards the Sket Dan Clubroom. He opens the door and tells the Sket Dan that every bad thing he pondered had come true.[1]

Quecchon's Lost Item

Daimon comes to the Sket Dan for help in looking for a mysterious item for Quecchon. At first, Quecchon wouldn't tell the Sket Dan anything at all about her item. However, since everyone was deep in thought due to thinking of finding the item, she got excited and wanted to tell a hint. With that, Bossun sketches out the hints he got from her which are a protruding head, antennas, bat eyes, bat nose and a normal mouth. After Bossun sketched it, it was deemed horrific but since the picture gave a general idea of what to find, they sought to look for the item. After ten minutes, they actually found the item which matches Bossun's sketch exactly. Everyone rejoiced the fact that something that unusual actually existed and was found by them hanging on a notice board on the first floor. Unfortunately, Quecchon rejected the item stating it was really gross prompting Quecchon to go home or asks that Daimon himself go home. However, Daimon insists she stay with them and tell them what she wants but Bossun agrees with Quecchon and tells Daimon to go home. After Daimon goes home, Bossun brings the lost item to Quecchon, a piece of beautifully wrapped chocolate shaped like Enigman's face. What Quecchon really wanted to do was to give Daimon chocolate on Valentine's Day which was two days away. Bossun found a notice stating that the chocolate was found by the cooking club and was left in their refrigerator and since Daimon was around the whole time, Quecchon couldn't tell anyone anything. At that moment, Daimon came in asking Quecchon if she was looking for this "pro wrestler's butterfly mask" which Daimon had found. The Sket Dan, now seeing a job done, quickly leaves so that Quecchon may give the chocolate to Daimon. Daimon receives the chocolate happily.


  • Quecchon: He announces to the Sket Dan that he has a crush on her. He even has a poster of Quecchon on his wall, so he can practice talking to her.[1]
  • Bossun: With Quecchon, the two have teamed up to challenge the Student Council in a quiz battle. However, Bossun appears to also have a nickname with it being "Bosshuuton" which literally means "incorrect" in Japanese. The two have some mutual respect for each other's intellect due to their efforts in making hard questions to stump the Student Council.


  • Enigman tied for 58th place in the first character popularity contest and ranked 14th in the second.
  • He and Quecchon act as hosts for the chapter featuring the second character popularity contest results.


  • To his contestants: "Now, for today's Battle Q, we will ask you questions that are difficult and useless!! That's what it's all about! [2]
  • To Bossun and Himeko: "I was a timid person, but when I started cosplaying during club activities, I surprisingly became more extroverted." (Chapter 121, page 11, second top panel)


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