A Room, Lewdness and Me
Japanese Title 部屋とワイセツと私, Heya to waisetsu to watashi
Volume 27
Release Date November 2, 2012
ISBN 978-4088705330
Pages 192
Previous Trouble Travel
Next Switch On
Cover Characters
Koma Morishita, Minoru Sakura
Characters Debuted

A Room, Lewdness and Me (部屋とワイセツと私, Heya to waisetsu to watashi) is volume 27 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 235

Switch On His Own (スイッチひとりぼっち, Suicchi hitoribocchi)

After completing a request in a downpour, Bossun and Himeko end up sick and have to stay home the following day, leaving Switch as the only Sket Dan member still at school. Of course, the club is suddenly inundated with requests - babysitting the principal's 1-year-old granddaughter, hunting down the guy who peeked on Yumi while she was changing and finding Shinzō's wallet. Of course, the whole process sends Switch running around campus - doing the exhausting legwork that he had always left to Bossun and Himeko.

By the time the duo return to school, Switch has become much more appreciative of their contribution to the club's activities.

Chapter 236

A Room, Lewdness, and Me (部屋とワイセツと私, Heya to waisetsu to watashi)

Cherry and Bossun went to Koma-chan's house to make Koma a door sign. Then Cherry and Bossun found one of Koma's undergarments under the couch. They also met Koma's family, all of them are huge. Before leaving the Morishita residence, Bossun was obliterated because of his carelessness about what he said, the undergarments of Koma-chan.

Chapter 237

The Agata Saaya Fanclub (安形紗綾ファンクラブ, Agata Saaya fuankurabu)

Saaya's fanboys decide to start a large fanclub for Saaya since her brother (who was overprotective over her) has graduated. The Agata Saaya fanclub's duties are to follow Saaya, protect her, and serve her anyway you can! While following Saaya, the leader starts to think she likes Bossun, which is true. After that, they become a little hostile with Bossun and the Sket-dan. But because the three leaders in the fanclub don't really want to look bad or hurt Bossun in front of Saaya, they resolve to stop pursuing Bossun. They also see that Saaya truly likes Bossun.

But in the end, they hide Bossun's shoes, take his textbooks, and bump into him "accidentally", etc.

Chapter 238

Sket Dan-su for a Day (1日スケット団ス, Ichinichi suketto dansu)

Bossun seems to have jumped in a river to save a kid, and after that, the Sket-dan were featured in the newspaper! Then Otakura said something about wanting to lead the Sket-dan, and order Himeko and Switch around. Yuuki and Shinzou wanted to try being in the roles of Himeko and Switch, respectively.

Chapter 239

Little President is at A Tender Age (リトルプレジデントは幼気盛り, Ritoru purejidento wa itaikezakari)

Tsubaki mistakes Chūma's drug for Cola and gets turned into a small version of himself just like Bossun, Himeko and Momoka have before.

Chapter 240

The Road to Establish The Game Club (ゲーム部設立への道, Geemu-bu setsuritsu e no michi)

It’s been 2 months since the start of the new year, but no one wants to join Yamanobe-sensei’s Game Club. The Sket Dan reassures him that surely the Crappy Games Club.

Chapter 241

Switch On (1) (スイッチ・オン①, Suichi on 1)

Jumping back to the time when Yuusuke and Hime, before they nicknamed like now, want to create a club called "Sket-Dan" but they can't because they at least need three members to create a club, a name club ended with "~club", and a teacher as their advisor. They posted a promotional poster but got a request from Kenichi Katagiri, to take down the school's site called "Ura Site" that bullying the students from what written on there. But both of Yuusuke and Hime are not familiar with computers, and Yuusuke knew one someone who are good in that. The problem is, that student is a hikkikomori...

Chapter 242

Switch On (2) (スイッチ・オン②, Suichi on 2)
Yusuke and Hime search for the hikkikomori student (aka Kazuyoshi Usui) in his class, 1-E. His classmate Otakura then tells them of a way to contact Kazuyoshi through a social network called Virtualand. When Switch, Kazuyoshi's nickname on Virtualand finally agrees to help, Kenichi confesses to Yuusuke and Hime that he is actually a victim, and shows a text message from an unknown number, which the message contains an invitation to a 'death battle'.

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