A Romantic World, Going Full Throttle!
Japanese Title 浪漫ワールド, 全開なのだ!
Roman waarudo, zenkai nanoda!
Episode Number 6
Air Date July 1, 2011
Character Roman Saotome
Song Full Throttle! Otome Filter

A Romantic World, Going Full Throttle! (浪漫ワールド, 全開なのだ!, Roman waarudo, zenkai nanoda!) is the sixth "episode" of the special Sket Dance SD character flash anime, which appears on the official website. It centers on Roman Saotome and features a song sung by her seiyū Ai Kayano.

Naming Sense

The characters used are those in Roman's name (浪漫), which also mean "romance." Thus, the title is somewhat of a pun that is difficult to convey when translated to English.