A Roaring Tsukkomi Battle!

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Kanji 爆笑ツッコミバトル!
Romaji Bakushō tsukkomi batoru!
Volume 16
Anime 66
Momoka Kibitsu, Himeko, Bossun, Switch, Kanashikata Takashi, Komiyama Tsutomu, Ogura


Momoka invites Himeko to participate in a live Tsukkomi-based Game Show with Switch and Bossun coming along to watch in the audience. Himeko is pitted against the show's leading Professional Tsukkomist and almost panics (remembering her last time on TV) but calms down after her opponent brags at her.

The first round consists of watching a documentary on the Police while contestants make Tsukkomi remarks. Himeko manages to get ahead of her professional opponent 45-40, much to his horror. He tries to get his own back during the second round where they are paired with another professional Tsukkomist to do a Two-man routine. He suggests that as a novice she should pair with an audience member (thinking that it will disadvantage her), however Himeko spots Bossun in the crowd and calls him down to pair up. Needless to say, Bossun's embarrassment for being on stage gives her plenty of material for a routine.

As the winner of the show, Himeko is told that she will have to come on next week for another round (as it is a 'Knockout' Show), this causes her to breakdown like last time.