A Profound Offline Meeting

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Kanji オフカイはオクガフカイ
Romaji Ofukai wa okugafukai
Volume 16
Anime 67
Bossun, Hime Onizuka Switch, Meet the Otaku(s)


As Bossun plays with his mecha figures from the show (Code A: Chian's Counterattack), Switch explains to Hime how this show appeals to Bossun. When Hime remarks that Bossun can't even comprehend the "deep plot" of the anime, Bossun challenges Switch where Switch quizzes him with irrelevant questions. The two find themselves in a stalemate, and Switch proposes that Bossun and he join an offline meeting with fellow otaku. Over at Bossun's home, Remi finds Bossun cooped up in his room surrounded by Switch's anime material.

In the Offline Meeting, Bossun meets the others who introduces themselves, and some of their jargons and age confuse Bossun. The otaku(s) proceed to immersed themselves in karaoke, and the song is from the Code A's theme song. Bossun finds himself unable to match up with their dance movements, so he decides to sing; however, he finds himself unable to catch up to the second verse. Later, the otaku(s) share some closing words, and Bossun manages to wow everyone with a quote from the Code of Conduct book. Back to the Sket Dan clubroom, Switch cannot believe Bossun pull it off.


  • Translations Notes
    • In Crunchyroll, the name Chian is spelled with "ch." For fans, they spell it with "sh."
    • In the manga, they used the acronym FNSW. Whereas in the anime, they used HSW.
    • Some of the names of Otaku are slightly different from the anime's names.