A Perverted Criminal and 8 Eccentric People

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Kanji へンタイ犯人とへンジン8人
Romaji Hentai hannin to henjin hachinin
Volume 18
Anime Episode 73
Himeko, Bossun, Switch, Hosuke, Daiki Sakatani, Kiri Kato, Sasuke Tsubaki, Hani Usami, Daisy, Mimori Unyu


When Himeko informs Bossun and Switch about a pervert, Bossun and Switch are busy watching some athletes climbing. Bossun makes some tact comments which enrage Himeko and believes the peeping tom is after Chiaki instead of Himeko. Then, Bossun figures out how the peeping tom can reach the girls' locker room. He leads his team outside where the cedar trees are located. They see Sakatani doing the spider climb, and Bossun asks Sakatani to turn himself in after learning Sakatani is smitten by Chiaki.

Suddenly, Kiri comes out and brings Sakatani down, and he ties him. Tsubaki and his team arrive, and Sasuke tells Kiri to follow his order. When the two argue a bit, Bossun gets pushed by Sasuke, and he falls on Hani who transform into Bunny. Then, Sakatani tries to run away, Sasuke and Kiri capture him. Meanwhile, Daisy chases Bunny who grabs Kiri and pulls him down.

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