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A New Take on Momotarō

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Kanji 改じてくれよう桃太郎
Romaji Kaijitekure yō momotarō
Volume 5
Anime 22
Genzaburō Karamatsu, Bossun, Switch, Himeko, Kawakami, Obaanyan, OG-3


Principal Genzaburō comes to the Sket Dan with a request! His grandson is only in first grade, but rarely smiles. Thus the principal asks the Sket-dan to put on a kamishibai for his grandson in exchange for an increase in club funds.

Switch suggests that they adapt the story of Momotarō. However, the adaption quickly gets out of hand when the boys change the setting to the present day and the characters to various creatures. Himeko objects, but the boys get her out of the room by telling her to take out the trash. By the time she returns, they've come up with a ridiculous story - which they then present to the principal. After hearing it, the principal tells them to forget the whole request.