A Graceful Melody for Koma-chan
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Kanji 狛ちゃんのための優雅なメロディー
Romaji Koma-chan no tame no yūgana merod
Air Date April 12, 2012
Manga Chapters 95 & 146
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

A Graceful Melody for Koma-chan is the 53nd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Fumi-chan introduced her friend, Koma Morishita, who has a problem with her uncontrollable strength whenever she is embarrassed.

Later, Dante came to the Sket Dan's room and said that he's falling in love with a big girl. At the same time, Koma comes and said that she's falling in love with a visual-key guy. Will Sket Dan be able to hook up these two students?


Koma-chan's Problem

Saaya is hesitant on entering the Sket Dan's homeroom, and at the same time, Roman tells Fumi that her main character's behavior is inconsistent. She advises her to let the character become free. Before Saaya can enter the room, Koma walks by, and Saaya runs away. Moments later, Fumi introduces Koma to Hime and Bossun who are shocked at how giant Koma is. (Saaya decides not to drop by after Koma went inside the room.) In the Sket Dance homeroom, Koma whispers her request, and Bossun and Hime could not figure out what she said until Switch uses his new invention, Surprise Remote Control Light. Koma tells the Sket Dan that she is good at making impressions of Sengoku commanders via the flashlight. Koma breaks the teacup easily, and when Hime delivers another one, she breaks it again. Koma apologizes that she has uncontrollable strength which Switch realizes that is related to her request.

Over some tea, Bossun and the others learn that a boy Urehara has confessed to Koma, but Koma has no confidence in returning her feelings due to her strength. Bossun tries to reassure her that the guy will not freak out, and Switch and Hime thinks he insensitive. Bossun unknowingly makes a comment that makes Koma sends Bossun flying against the wall. In the next room, Roman and Fumi notices the noise. After the others figure out that Koma's strength is terrifying, Switch proposes to simulate scenarios, so Koma can get rid of her nervousness. Hime asks Bossun to do it, but when Bossun refuses and wants Switch to do it, Hime threatens the guy and shows a mother's overprotective side for Switch. Bossun starts it off with a confession and how he likes her body, bust, and butt are big. Koma slams Bossun through the window. Moments later, Bossun tells Koma to be truthful to the man, and Koma thank him for his advice and goes off to seek Urehara. Switch tells Bossun and Hime that Urehara's background is fishy.

Outside of school, Koma explains the truth to Urehara who tells her it does not matter. Urehara comments that many guys like her for her volume, and Koma is about to push the guy but stops. He compliments her for her funny impressions of Sengoku commanders. Suddenly, Koma is about hit him, and Bossun jumps in to protect the guy. As the sun sets, the two tell Koma that the guy is not right for her.

The ArchAngel's Ballad

Ayumi brings Dante to the Sket Dance so they can hear his request. She tells Hime that she is going to shop with Yagi. Before Hime can go with her, Bossun grabs her. Saaya is seen hiding in a box. When Dante states fall in love, the Sket Dan pat him congratulations. They ask him who is it. Dante tells them Michael, and the gang decipher his message. He says massive angel, so Switch thinks someone big. The words are as follows:

  • Sweet Scent
  • Elegant features
  • Voluptuous body

The Sket Dan realizes it's Koma when Koma appears and says that she likes a boy with a visual-kei look. A scene shows Koma and Dante passing by and the two are smitten by each other. Just when Hime and Bossun is about to leave, Dante grabs Hime; Koma grabs Bossun and crushes a bit. The "omiai" begins, and Hime asks Dante to introduce himself. Dante talks about Adam and Eve. Bossun and Switch decipher his message which turns out to be what type of guy you like. Koma responds by whispering. Bossun struggles to hear, and the words turn out to be someone who is cool and has a kind spirit. Suddenly, Koma attacks Bossun. Meanwhile, Roman teaches Fumi on how to erase by placing a small paper with a new drawing. (tacky...) Koma launches Bossun to the wall making a "fossil" imprint. Later, Hime asks Dante who says fukuyokana kaori which means full bodied scent. (see points of interest). Hime mistakenly hears it as chubby face; Bossun gets attacked again. Dante tells them it is a mistake, and Hime makes the situation worse. She asks Koma (for her impressions) who says she does not like boys with dirty minds and that she wants someone to not pay attention to her body. Dante states graceful melody which Koma likes his compliment until she picks up a paper. It has a Kanji that reads either "Graceful melody" or "Massive figure." Switch translates it as "Graceful Giant." Koma is about to attack Dante, but Bossun protects him only to get launch through the wall. Roman greets Bossun without worries about the wall and she miraculously draws the wall. Koma and Dante exits the Sket Dan's room. He looks down and says mistaken angel which Switch translates to "It was just a passing fancy." At an hot springs, Ayumi narrates about Dante a bit.


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Cast & Credits

Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko): Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch): Tomokazu Sugita
Saaya Agata: Kana Hanazawa
Koma Morishita: Mamiko Noto

Kiyoshi Date (Dante): Gackt
Koma Morishita: Mamiko Noto
Fumi Segawa: Azumi Yamamoto
Roman Saotome: Ai Kayano

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, Koma told Himeko when she falls in love outside the Sket Dan's room while in the anime she comes alone. Dante tells Switch and Bossun, the description of the person he likes, before Hime and Koma enters the clubroom.
  • Koma throws Bossun until broke the wall between Sket Dan's room and manga club room in the anime.
  • Saaya and Roman only appear in the anime, so Roman and Fumi's scenes are anime exclusive scenes.
  • Different Intro: In the manga, Fumi asks Sket Dan to help Koma. Compared to the anime, Saaya lurks outside of the Sket Dan homeroom before Koma's presence makes Saaya run away.
  • Altercations: In the manga where Bossun shields Uehara from Koma, Bossun gets knocked to the wall. Whereas in the anime, he gets launched into the sky.
  • Methods to Hear Koma: In the manga, Switch breaks the 4th wall by magnifying Koma's speech bubble. Whereas in the anime, Switch uses his invention, the Surprise Remote Control Light. It acts like a microphone, and the downside is that it amplifies all noises in the area.
  • In the manga's version of Dante's story, Dante comes to the Sket Dan without Ayumi. Compared to the anime, Ayumi brings Dante over and requests Sket Dan to help her.
  • Manga Only: Bossun tells Dante that Koma likes doing impressions of Sengoku commanders.
  • Ayumi and Hosuke did not appear in the manga version of Dante's story.
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