3-C's Class Representative Election

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Kanji 3年C組学級委員選挙
Romaji 3-nen C-gumi gakkyūiin senkyo
Volume 24
Anime N/A
Tsubaki, Mimori, Bossun, Daisy, Shinzō Takemitsu, Roman Saotome, Switch, Otakura, Himeko, Reiko Yuki, Chiaki


With the 3-C students all assigned to their new class, Tsubaki attempts to organise class positions such as Class Representative. Initially nobody volunteers and just tell him he should be Rep. However, as much as he'd like that, Tsubaki and other 3-C Student Council Members (Mimori and Daisy/Asahina) cannot hold the position. When Mimori becomes unwell Tsubaki leaves to take her to the school nurse (as he hasn't yet elected a Health Rep.) leaving the others to debate among themselves...

The first to volunteer is Shinzo (who thinks it might be a way to gain popularity) but he is quickly brought down after he declares that he wants to redecorate the classroom with armour and bonzai. Next is Roman who declares that as Rep she would fill the room with manga books, then Switch and Otakura who both state that as Rep they'd change the uniform (to fit their personal fetish/moe ideals). This inspires other girls like Himeko, Reiko and Chiaki to volunteer in order to prevent this happening with Bossun lazily volunteering to even numbers. Asahina, who has been in the room the whole time makes them decide on narrowing down to two candidates - who turn out to be Bossun and Himeko.

When voting, it is realised that the boys outnumber the girls, so the girls keep stalling the vote until Tsubaki arrives. Once he does, he is furious at the class split and tells them that the Representative has no influence over the various things the candidates hoped for... and finds once again no volunteers. In the end Chiaki is made Rep as she was one in the previous year.