100 Hairstyles in the Club Room

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Kanji クラブルームで髪を切る100の方法
Romaji Kuraburūmu de kami o kiru 100 no hōhō
Volume 6
Anime 19
Takako Shimada, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Tetsuji Chūma


Takako from the Newspaper Club comes to see the Sket Dan. She tells them that her father, a reporter, has asked to interview and photograph them for an article in the local paper.

The Sket Dan agree and start practicing a pose for the photo, arguing over who should be in the center. Himeko then notices that Bossun's hair is unusually long and tells him to get a haircut. Bossun refuses, but ends up getting a haircut from Himeko. Hiemko ends up cutting off too much, so Switch suggests that she go to Chū-san for some hair regrowth medicine. The medicine is extremely powerful, and Bossun's hair ends up growing to a ridiculous length. Himeko then begins to cut his hair again. Switch also lends a hand, but neither of them is successful. They end up applying Chū-san's medicine every time they mess up, but every time Bossun's hair grows back, it becomes curlier and curlier.

Finally, Takako's father arrives to take their picture. Bossun stands in the center, and Himeko and Switch crouch down underneath his huge afro. The headline of the article is changed to "The Perm that Just Won't Stop Growing!"